RNA methylation

Energy-dependent RNA methylation (3)

I wrote: Stop trying to claim anything about energy-dependent cause and effect on any other site including your own. You betrayed my trust in you. I do not take that lightly. On 6/4/16, Tomi Aalto replied: “You don’t own the knowledge.” My comment: Researchers own nothing without patents based on the knowledge. They do not own the knowledge that leads others to learn more about what has been accurately portrayed in the context of biophysically constrained biologically-based cause and effect.…

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Energy-dependent RNA methylation (2)

Energy-dependent RNA methylation (1) Conclusion: Until someone establishes a clear link from energy-dependent RNA methylation to behavior and publishes in a journal such as the Journal of Neuroscience, others may not examine other experimental evidence that clearly links viruses like the Zika virus to changes in morphological phenotypes and behavioral phenotypes via differences in energy-dependent brain development. Each day, the neuroscience news and other news bring more examples of energy-dependent brain development that must be linked from RNA methylation to…

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Energy-dependent RNA methylation (1)

“How often do we still hear that quantum effects can have little relevance in the study of biology, or even that we eat food in order to gain energy?” — Roger Penrose “We know, for instance, when we eat food nucleic acids can get into our cells. Also, there is a theory that our cells in the body keep sending out nucleic acids and one theory has it that it seems to correct the mistakes that other cells have suffered…

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Secular humanism and ecoterrorism

Noncoding RNAs Not So Noncoding Excerpt: “Were there going to be dozens of [micropeptides]? Were there going to be hundreds, like there are hundreds of microRNAs?” says Ingolia. “We just didn’t know.” See also: Number of microRNAs in Human Genome Skyrockets Excerpt: “…researchers from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia have released data that adds another 3,707 novel miRNA sequences to the human genome, in addition to the 1,900 sequences previously described. The results from this study were published recently in…

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MicroRNA-mediated RNA epigenetics

RNA Epigenetics DNA isn’t the only decorated nucleic acid in the cell. Modifications to RNA molecules are much more common and are critical for regulating diverse biological processes. Excerpt: …specific alternative splicing types, such as intron retention, exon skipping, and alternative first or last exon usage, were highly correlated with m6A decoration. And silencing the m6A methylating protein METTL3 affected global gene expression and alternative splicing patterns in both human and mouse cells.2 My comment: “Silencing” a protein effects global…

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RNA methylation, RNA-directed DNA methylation, learning and memory

sink testing Lab medicine The illegal practice of providing false test results on clinical specimens–eg, vials of blood, urine specimens, that were deliberately discarded–ie, down the sink, without actually testing them Pylori Story #1: Acid Attack Pylori Story #2: Journey to the Center of the Stomach The “Modern Synthesis” is analogous to sink testing in the medical laboratory. See for example: Replace the Modern Synthesis (Neo-Darwinism): An Interview With Denis Noble Excerpt: [W]hat Haldane, Fisher, Sewell Wright, Hardy, Weinberg et…

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Epigenetic (re)programming of behavior

Epigenetic (re)programming of caste-specific behavior in the ant Camponotus floridanus Excerpt: Our results suggest that behavioral plasticity in animals may be regulated in an epigenetic manner via histone modification. My comment: Experimental manipulation of a single gene changed behavior. The evidence suggests all invertebrate and all vertebrate morphological and behavioral phenotypes can be linked via nutrient-dependent changes in microRNAs, adhesion proteins, and supercoiled DNA. See: The phylogenetic utility and functional constraint of microRNA flanking sequences My comment: Nutrient-dependent RNA methylation, RNA-directed…

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Does metabolism link beneficial mutations to cancer?

Viruses steal nutrients needed by the cell. The theft deregulates protein folding, which is how viruses perturb biophysically constrained nutrient energy-dependent protein folding chemistry. The theft of nutrients by viruses links mutations to all pathology. Nutrients are required for RNA methylation and RNA-directed DNA methylation. Cell types do not hypermethylate unless nutrient-dependent hypermethylation is required to protect organized genomes from virus-driven entropy. Simply put, viruses cause nutrient-dependent hypermethylation when hypermethylation is required to protect organized genomes from virus-driven entropy. Evolutionary…

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Are mutations beneficial?

Researchers develop non-invasive method to detect tumor-causing mutations in saliva Excerpt: “…a multiplexible electrochemical sensor uses electrode chips to enable vesicular entities in saliva called exosomes to rapidly release molecular constituents (DNA, RNA and proteins) while simultaneously detecting any mutations in tumor-causing DNA sequences. The total detection time is less than 10 minutes and required a small saliva sample.” My comment: This news about multiplexing attests to the complexity of systems biology, which links amino acid substitutions to mutated DNA…

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