Human Pheromones, The Scent of Eros, and Cultural Evolution

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: December 19, 2010

Cultural Evolution Could Be Studied in Google Books Database

The article linked above tells of a free new database that you can search in an attempt to determine how certain words, names, or phrases have varied in use during the past. The first page you will see is a graph. In the lower right portion of the screen, click on “human pheromones” to see how the database search works, or simply use this link: Human Pheromones and Cultural Evolution. It will take you to a display of publications that have included the term “human pheromones.” When you click on “The Scent of Eros” you can view text from the pages that mention “human pheromones” 38 times. You can also view text from other books. I was pleased to see that my book has apparently had a significant cultural influence. I’m not quite sure how to measure the biological significance of the book, but it’s becoming clearer that  the biology of human pheromones has influenced human culture. You may also want to look at my review of “The Great Pheromone Myth” as you consider what virtually every other book about pheromones tells us. Mammalian pheromones, including human pheromones are no myth and human pheromones are a part of human culture.

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