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By: James V. Kohl | Published on: February 8, 2014

The Degree Is Doomed

by Michael Staton  |   8:00 AM January 8, 2014
Excerpt: “These signals have long been known to be imperfect, but they were often the only game in town. Thus, a degree from a top university has been seen to contain crucial information about a person’s skills, networks, and work habits.”
My comment: Those who have the self-discipline to pursue and acquire academic credentials seem likely to also be forced to comply with directives from other academics who dictate what will be discussed and what may be learned.  See for example:
Jay R. Feierman: I am absolutely certain that if you showed this statement to any professor of biology or genetics in any accredited university anywhere in the world that 100% of them would say that “Random mutations are the substrate upon which directional natural selection acts” is a correct and true statement. 
Jay R. Feierman: Variation is not nutrient availability and the something that is doing the selecting is not the individual organism. A feature of an educated person is to realize what they do not know. Sadly, you don’t know that you have an incorrect understanding Darwinian biological evolution.
Feierman attests to the overall ignorance of academics in the context of what is currently known about ecological adaptations and species diversity, compared to what they were taught about mutation-initiated natural selection. He has provided an almost unequaled example of academic ignorance. His ignorance should cause others to wonder about the scientific truth of what they’ve been taught and when others will be taught the scientific truth.

The role of ecological variation in driving divergence of sexual and non-sexual traits in the red-backed fairy-wren (Malurus melanocephalus) https://www.biomed…48/13/75
Ecological variation is the raw material by which natural selection can drive evolutionary divergence [1–4]. https://rspb.royal…abstract
Ecological theory suggests that if species are too similar in their resource use, one will out-compete the others; hence, neighboring species must exploit different niches if they are to coexist. https://www.scienc…35.short
Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model https://www.socioa…53/27989
This model details how chemical ecology drives adaptive evolution via: (1) ecological niche construction, (2) social niche construction, (3) neurogenic niche construction, and (4) socio-cognitive niche construction.


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