The quantum / classical RNA-mediated ‘tipping point’

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: March 26, 2015

Researchers identify ‘tipping point’ between quantum and classical worlds

Excerpt: “Any popular explanation of quantum theory usually begins with Schroedinger’s cat – a thought experiment describing a cat inside a closed box, that may be either dead or alive,” Vered says. “Rather than looking at the tipping-point between life and death, our experiment examines the point at which quantum behavior gives way to classical physics. Since quantum behavior kicks in at a very small scale, one could liken our results to identifying the transition point at which Schroedinger’s cat shrinks to a small enough size to be perceived as being both alive and dead at the same time.”
See also the comment by Huong Vu
Excerpt: “Nothing in nature is perfectly regular and symmetric. Such world would have no motion, no life. I forgot one thing: electron or charged particle only radiate if they change their speed or angle. So the reason we can “see” the electron is because it changes its speed/angle.”
My comment: This is the starting point from which to examine links from light-induced amino acid substitutions in plants and animals to the continuum of RNA-directed DNA methylation and RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions that differentiate all cell types in all individuals of all genera via the physiology of their reproduction.
The ‘tipping point’ and Huong Vu’s ‘starting point’ have been eliminated by theorists who begin with the definition of “mutation” and link their ridiculous assumptions to beliefs based on neo-Darwinian theory, instead of facts based on Darwin’s ‘conditions of life.’
Ulla Mattfolk reminded me that I was banned from participation on the FB discussion page of Reece Jones who did not like my comment about “who forgot the stabilizer?” It was the first question an intelligent person would ask after seeing what happens when “The Singularity” occurs.  See: The Singularity Is Near
Excerpt: “Kurzweil characterizes evolution throughout all time as progressing through six epochs, each one building on the previous. He says the four epochs which have occurred so far are Physics and Chemistry, Biology and DNA, Brains, and Technology.”
My comment: What about the RNA-directed DNA methylation and RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions that link the epigenetic landscape to the physical landscape of DNA in the organized genomes of species from microbes to man via the physiology of their nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled reproduction?  The physiology of reproduction enables fixation of the amino acid substitutions that determine the cell types of every cell in every individual of every species.  For constrast, see:
Anesthesia points to deeper level ‘quantum channels’ as origins of consciousness
Excerpt: Using molecular modeling, the US-Canadian team of Travis Craddock, Stuart Hameroff and Jack Tuszynski had previously shown anesthetic binding in ‘quantum channels’, non-polar arrays of amino acid pi resonance clouds, winding through microtubules.
My comment: Joseph Kover asked about the links to microtubules, but blocked me from posting this. The amino acid pi resonance clouds, winding through microtubules, appear to links flies to octopuses in “Electron spin changes during general anesthesia in Drosophila” and in “Dose-Dependent Effects of the Clinical Anesthetic Isoflurane on Octopus vulgaris: A Contribution to Cephalopod Welfare” via “Molecular Vibration-Sensing Component in Human Olfaction,” which was reported as: ‘Quantum smell’ idea gains ground.
The idea and the experimental evidence that supports extension of ideas about the importance of RNA-mediated amino acid pi resonance clouds in species from insects to humans via the honeybee model organism continues to be ignored by theoretical physicists and evolutionary theorists who cannot link the biophysically constrained chemistry of protein folding to RNA-mediated cause and effect at any level of examination in any species.See for comparison: Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model.
Excerpt: “Animal models are often used to model human physical and mental disorders. The honeybee already serves as a model organism for studying human immunity, disease resistance, allergic reaction, circadian rhythms, antibiotic resistance, the development of the brain and behavior, mental health, longevity, diseases of the X chromosome, learning and memory, as well as conditioned responses to sensory stimuli (Kohl, 2012).”
My comment: Others who are equally biologically uniformed can be compared to people like Reece Jones. They may be willing to be among the first to upload their brain into a machine. Intelligent people who recognize that the stability of cell type differentiation in the honeybee model organism is nutrient-dependent and pheromone-controlled may want to place what they know into the context of other biological facts about cell type differentiation, and tell the Ray Kurzweil “cult” to keep purchasing Ray and Terry’s vitamins until after the first round of “sci-fi” wackos lets the entirety of their automagically “emerged” and evolved “essence” escape to “who knows where” due to the lack of experience-dependent RNA-mediated protein folding stability.

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[…] The quantum / classical RNA-mediated ‘tipping point’ […]

[…] The quantum / classical RNA-mediated ‘tipping point’ 3/26/15 […]

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