Hijacked light energy and vertebrate pathology

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: September 24, 2015

The spectrum of the sun


Here are all the visible colors of the Sun, produced by passing the Sun’s light through a prism-like device. … Since different types of gas absorb different colors of light, it is possible to determine what gasses compose the Sun. Helium, for example, was first discovered in 1870 on a solar spectrum and only later found here on Earth. Today, the majority of spectral absorption lines have been identified — but not all.

Most precise test of Lorentz symmetry for the photon finds that the speed of light is indeed constant

One important consequence of Lorentz symmetry is that the speed of light is invariant, or a constant in vacuum.

My comment: Evolutionary theorists and theoretical physicists tend to ignore the vacuum in the context of their vacuous thoughts and ridiculous theories. Thus, the title of this report claims “…the speed of light is indeed constant.”
If life on earth existed in a vacuum, there would be no reason to explain how sunlight on contact with water is linked to the de novo creation of nucleic acids and the RNA-mediated de novo creation of genes.
The de novo creation of genes for receptors on cells enables cell type replication via nutrient-uptake during thermodynamic cycles of RNA-mediated protein biosynthesis and degradation. The cycles are perturbed by viruses.
Theorists are not like botanists, who understand virus perturbed protein folding. For example, see: Tulips broken by viruses.

…colorful patterns are caused by infection with potyviruses, which are filamentous plant viruses with positive-strand RNA genomes.

Instead, theorists need to explain top-down causation, so they claim mutations link natural selection to evolution, and expect serious scientists, like Schrodinger, to believe in their neo-Darwinian nonsense as if the beauty of a tulip evolved via mutations or the love of on human for another was virus-driven. See: VIRUS EVOLUTION ( AMAZING DOCUMENTARY)
See also: The evolution of cancer care
...targeted assessments study the DNA profile of the patient’s tumor, searching for genetic abnormalities…
My comment: These genetic abnormalities are typically prevented by RNA-mediated gene duplication and RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions that stabilize the organized genomes of all living genera.
Linking light, physics and chemistry to RNA-mediated seasonal changes
Introduction:  Fall is creeping up and with that the color changing of the leaves. Here’s why you get those beautiful colored leaves this time of year
For comparison, a correspondent made a comment that I would like to be considered in the context of a new definition for neo-Darwinian evolution.
Neo-Darwinian  evolution:

A circular argument, done with stripped math.

For comparison to what is currently known to serious scientists about biologically-based cause and effect, see:
RNA viruses can hijack vertebrate microRNAs to suppress innate immunity
Abstract excerpt:

We propose that RNA viruses can adapt to use antiviral properties of vertebrate miRNAs to limit replication in particular cell types and that this restriction can lead to exacerbation of disease severity.

For an example of this proposal see: Bats frequently come into contact with infectious diseases, but rarely suffer from them
The bat’s immune system works in a fundamentally different way to that of other mammals.
My first comments were:
The innate immune system of all mammals is linked from nutrient uptake to thermodynamic cycles of protein biosynthesis and degradation, The cycles link cell type differentiation via the de novo creation of olfactory receptor genes to the physiology of reproduction and ecological adaptation.The conserved molecular mechanisms that link ecological variation to ecological adaptation in bats were detailed, in part, in these two articles.Ecological adaptation determines functional mammalian olfactory subgenomes
A Cluster of Olfactory Receptor Genes Linked to Frugivory in Bats
The innate immune system of all invertebrates was linked to all vertebrates by the sequencing of the octopus genome.
See: The octopus genome and the evolution of cephalopod neural and morphological novelties
The comments from my antagonists can be linked to this post by the most biologically uninformed theorist I have ever encountered. He blocked me from commenting to the ISHE human ethology group when the role of RNA-mediated cell type differentiation began to  become perfectly clear.

On Friday 9/18/15,  Jay R. Feierman wrote:

I have a large (11 megabyte) PDF of a series of articles on phenotypic plasticity and evolution. A few are OPEN ACCESS but most are behind a pay wall. They were just published in Hereditary 115:273-388, 2015. If you want them, send an email to jay.feierman84@… and ask for them as “the articles on phenotypic plasticity,” as they are filed under “P” on my hard drive.

My comment: There is no excuse for the moderator of the ISHE’s human ethology group to continue preventing others from learning about RNA-mediated events while placing everything known to serious scientists about physics, chemistry, and the conserved molecular mechanisms of cell type differentiation into the context of evolution.
See also: Expanding theory of evolution

My antagonists there have been silenced for more than one month. This link is to an article published more than 2 years ago, that should have silenced my antagonists forever, See: The Social Life of Genes 

If you do not understand the following two quotes from the article you are probably a biologically uninformed theorist who believes whatever pseudosceintific nonsense about evolution you were taught to believe in.

Serious scientists know:

Excerpt 1)

“This is what a cell is about. A cell,” he said, clasping some amberjack, “is a machine for turning experience into biology.”

Excerpt 2)

Cole was channeling John Milton: “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”

Neo-Darwinian evolutionary theorists continue to create hell on earth. Only serious scientists are Combating Evolution to Fight Disease

I reinterate, see also:

Most precise test of Lorentz symmetry for the photon finds that the speed of light is indeed constant

Excerpt from the comments:

This is not the first time you’ve linked to musings of the crack pot Matti Pitkanen, please make it the last.

My comment: Thanks for mentioning that. He exemplifies what biologically uninformed idiots can do with everything known about how atoms and ecosystems are linked by conserved molecular mechanisms of RNA-mediated cause and effect.

He is not alone. Many other “crackpots” seem to believe in simultaneous hen and egg emergence — or the emergence of other aspects of biophysically constrained life in the context of evolutionary mechanisms.

… biologically uninformed science idiots to help make my point, try making one of your own.

A circular argument, done with stripped math. — KBK

If that is an original statement, I would like to know if anyone already used it as a definition of “evolution?”

Summary: Is there any reason not to use this definition of evolution when theorists who have not seen the light try to link it from mutations and natural selection to evolution?

Evolution: A circular argument, done with stripped math.

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