Neo-Darwinian logic is nonsense

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: October 31, 2015

Let’s discover how we humans created the concept of God for our own survival throughout evolution
Months of irrelevant banter with no intelligent response to details that I provided with links to what is currently known about biophysically constrained protein folding led to this exchange:
WEENY: “…all changes to gene sequences are currently called mutations.”
JVK: What need is there for anyone to call them “mutations” except when linking them from virus-driven genomic entropy to pathology? Why not simply tell the truth? Viruses cause pathology. Nutrient-dependent amino acid substitutions typically prevent the transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of pathology.
WEENY: When we talk about changes to gene sequences we call them mutations. Epigenetics is about events that alter gene activities. What is the relevance of this “need” hypothesis your making up Kohl?

JVK: Thanks for asking. It is not a “need” hypothesis. It is a “need” for clarification that I have addressed, and so have others.


Mae-Wan Ho: No Boundary Really Between Genetic and Epigenetic

Excerpt 1) “…when we eat food nucleic acids [for example RNAs] can get into our cells. Also, there is a theory [i.e., a model] that our cells in the body keep sending out nucleic acids [RNAs] and one theory [i.e., the model] has it that it [i.e., the microRNAs] seems to correct the mistakes that other cells have suffered from mutations… “

Mae-Wan Ho captured the essence of the relevance of most neo-Darwinist’s need to use a definition of mutation. Most of them need to use de Vries definition to make it appear that ecological adaptation cannot be explained by what is known about cell type differentiation in the context of genetics and epigenetics.

For comparison, serious scientists link mutations to pathology and nutrient-dependent nucleic acids from microRNAs to adhesion proteins that link RNA-mediated DNA repair and healthy longevity via heat shock proteins and supercoiled DNA.

Most neo-Darwinists link virus-driven genomic entropy to healthy longevity via the magical power of natural selection. To a biologically uninformed science idiot (e.g., a neo-Darwinist), natural selection is the anti-entropic force that serious scientists know is nutrient energy.

Excerpt 2) “…evolutionary science has now “moved on to such an extent” that she and Peter Saunders don’t really care anymore about “trying to convince the neo-Darwinists.”

Trying to convince a neo-Darwinist that nutrient energy is the anti-entropic force that they attribute to mutations is a waste of time. Theorists don’t know the difference between a mutation and an amino acid substitution in the context of RNA-mediated genomic stability because they think there is a boundary between genetics and epigenetics.

For example: RNA-mediated epigenetic regulation of gene expression and RNA-mediated gene silencing are not included in this representation of how the human brain evolved.
See: Somatic mutation in single human neurons tracks developmental and transcriptional history.

…somatic mutations throughout the life of a neuron, and they may contribute to normal aging and neurodegenerative disease (3).

They claim mutations may be normal or that they may contribute to neurodegenerative disease.
That claim was reported as: A natural history of neurons: Diverse mutations reveal lineage of brain cells

“We thought the dominant source of mutation would be faulty DNA replication and were surprised to find that instead, it’s faulty DNA expression.”

All serious scientists know the difference between normal aging and stress-induced faulty DNA replication , which is caused by the conserved molecular mechanisms of immune system repression in all cell types of all living genera.
All serious scientists know that DNA repair is nutrient-dependent and biophysically constrained in the context of the physiology of reproduction.
Reproduction typically prevents the transgenerational epigenetic of inheritance of mutations that contribute to genomic entropy and the extinction of any species that cannot ecological adapt to ecological variation in their supply of nutrients.
Without the right nutrients,  viruses perturb protein folding and cause pathology linked to faulty DNA expression, which is also called faulty gene expression. The claim that “…all changes to gene sequences are currently called mutations” does not link mutations to anything except virus-driven pathology.

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