Models are not theories (2)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: November 14, 2015

MicroRNA-encoded behavior in Drosophila

Editor’s summary:

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs that regulate gene activity. They repress expression through complementary base pairing interactions with target messenger RNAs. MiRNAs are involved in regulating many cell and developmental processes. Picao-Osorio et al. find that miRNAs can also control behavior in the fruit fly Drosophila.

My comment: Ridiculous claims from 1) We are all mutants and from 2) Mutation-Driven Evolution can now be placed into the context of what is known to serious scientists about biophysically constrained nutrient-dependent protein folding chemistry, which is RNA-mediated.

Ridiculous claim #1) “We are all mutants”
Ridiculous claim #2) “…constraint-breaking mutation is the ultimate source of all biological innovations and the enormous amount of biodiversity in this world.”

Anyone who was taught to believe in the pseudoscientific nonsense that is expressed in those ridiculous claims cannot become a serious scientist until they evaluate the established scientific truth about MicroRNA-encoded behavior in Drosophila.
The truth links nutritional epigenetics to energy-dependent RNA-mediated cell type differentiation. RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions stabilize cell type differentiation that is perturbed by viruses. Viruses steal the nutrient energy that cell types require to support the healthy longevity of all organisms.
Healthy organized genomes are protected from genomic entropy via the physiology of reproduction, which links microRNAs and the behavior of all organisms from atoms to ecosystems to fixation of amino acid substitutions in supercoiled DNA. RNA-directed DNA methylation links RNA-mediated gene duplication and RNA-mediated fixation of amino acid substitutions to receptor mediated behaviors. The link from microRNAs to receptor mediated behaviors has been missing. Serious scientists knew the missing link would be found because they knew that de novo gene creation is nutrient energy-dependent. Pseudoscientist are still trying to eliminate the need for the nutrient dependent de novo gene creation. They replaced de novo gene creation with mutations and natural selection, and are still trying to keep people from realizing how much neo-Darwinian nonsense they have been touting in this century.
See: The bioenergetic costs of a gene

These results eliminate the need to invoke an energetics barrier to genome complexity.

My comment: What kind of fool thinks he can eliminate the need to link nutrient energy to genome complexity via the conserved molecular mechanisms of biophysically constrained RNA-mediated protein folding chemistry in all living genera?

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