Virus, transposon and plasmid evolution

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: November 14, 2015

A novel group of diverse Polinton-like viruses discovered by metagenome analysis

This class of selfish elements is extremely widespread and might have been a hotbed of eukaryotic virus, transposon and plasmid evolution. New families of these elements are expected to be discovered.

My comment: How much longer will Koonin’s group keep trying to convince biologically uninformed science idiots that selfish elements evolve or that species evolve? All serious scientists know that ecological variation leads to ecological adaptation via nutrient-dependent RNA-mediated DNA repair of damage caused by the “selfish elements.” Each new discovery places even the biologically uninformed science idiots of the world at least one step closer to being forced to learn about microRNAs and cell adhesion proteins that protect the supercoiled DNA in organized genomes from virus-driven entropy.

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