Plasma created by sunlight and RNA–mediated epigenetic heredity

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: November 23, 2015

Australian student confirms that giant plasma tubes are floating above Earth
Excerpt: The region of space around the Earth occupied by its magnetic field, called the magnetosphere, is filled with plasma created by the atmosphere being ionised by sunlight.
My comment: Scientists have believed in the creation of these structures for more than 60 years. Now visual evidence confirms structures exist that are created by sunlight on contact with the Earth’s atmosphere.
This reminds me of what someone who was born blind might claim if scientists claimed that rainbows exist. If scientists enabled sight in a congenitally blind person, would the sight of the rainbow confirm the belief that all life on Earth was created? If not, could the congenitally blind person still be considered to be blind to an obvious example of creation?
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Common origins of RNA, protein and lipid precursors in a cyanosulfidic protometabolism

“…precursors of amino acids glycine, serine, alanine and threonine, are inevitable by-products of this RNA assembly chemistry9”

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reported as: Researchers identify ‘tipping point’ between quantum and classical worlds
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RNA–Mediated Epigenetic Heredity Requires the Cytosine Methyltransferase Dnmt2
My comment: Taken outside the context of everything currently known to serious scientists about the de novo creation of nucleic acids such as RNA and what is known about nutrient-dependent biophysically constrained RNA-mediated cell type differentiation in the context of the physiology of reproduction in all living, these authors make the following claim:

Our data show that at least two tRNAs are methylated in mouse sperm in a Dnmt2-dependent manner (Figure S4), which raises the possibility that methylation-dependent processing of tRNAs [17] could result in the generation of paramutation-inducing sncRNAs.

My comment: Their data can be interpreted in the context of neo-Darwinian claims about mutations that somehow link the creation of life on Earth to biodiversity via natural selection. This eliminates the need for sunlight as the anti-entropic force that enabled all aspects of creation whether or not any aspect of creation has yet been seen by blind or sighted researchers.
As is typical, anything interpreted in the light of neo-Darwinism appears to be a misrepresentation of facts that link the creation of the sun to the creation of all biomass and all biodiversity that ever existed or that may continue to exist.
See also: Periodic Scarred States in Open Quantum Dots as Evidence of Quantum Darwinism, which was reported as: New evidence for quantum Darwinism found in quantum dots
and also reported as: Bridge to the quantum world: Darwinian concept of natural selection figures into theory about core of physical reality

It describes the transition from quantum to classical world as a “decoherence” process that involves a kind of evolutionary progression somewhat analogous to Charles Darwin’s concept of natural selection.

My comment: Darwin’s concept of natural selection was place after first consideration for “conditions of life.” Neo-Darwinian theorists are biologically uninformed science idiots who have failed to grasp the facts known to all serious scientists about the biophysically constrained creation of life and RNA-mediated cell type differentiation in all living genera. Life is all about that base and the sun’s biological energy is the biological basis of life’s diversity.

The sun’s biological energy effects the base pairs and the RNA-mediated events that link the sun to differences in morphological and behavioral phenotypes via the physiology of reproduction in all living genera.

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