War Games: False Flag Terrorism

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: May 28, 2016

Sirius Cyantis (aka Sean Ovis) takes my claims about virus-driven energy theft and pathology outside the context of creationism.  Using his assumed name, he places them into the context of support for evolution. That’s an example of what happens on the “False Flag” Creationism FB group. In the context of combating evolution to fight disease, the war games become more interesting.

Most people in False Flag groups do not know who they are fighting against. In the end it won’t matter. Until then, let’s look at what serious scientists know about virus-driven energy theft, again. This is what the False Flag Creationism FB group has tried to prevent others from learning.

1996 (open access)


As silencing in both yeast and Drosophila is similarly enhanced by mutations in particular ubiquitin processing enzymes, the regulation of silencing by these enzymes appears to be an evolutionarily conserved process.

My comment: Serious scientists have linked angstroms to ecosystems via what is known about supercoiled DNA, which protects all organized genomes from virus-driven entropy.

For comparison to what is known, see:

2016 (open access)

Excerpt (with my emphasis):

…a mathematical model that is able to accurately estimate 5mC levels and the individual activity of the three main pathways relevant to DNA methylation dynamics (p1, de novo; p2, maintenance; and p3, active demethylation) and predicts with great accuracy corresponding 5hmC kinetics in all instances of global epigenetic reprogramming.”

My comment: Nutrient energy-dependent silencing via RNA-directed DNA methylation and enzymes linked to supercoiled DNA and protection of orgnaized genomes from virus-driven entropy now must occur via three pathways p1, p2, and p3.
p1, is the magical “de novo” pathway. (de novo means they don’t know how to link the energy-dependent pathway from angstroms to ecosystems).

p2, maintenance becomes part of something magical.
p3, demethylation also automagically occurs.

Leave out the energy-dependent biophysically constrained pathway. Start with magic. Stay with it. Leave out out everything known to serious scientists about virus-driven energy theft. What’s left is neo-Darwinism — the antithesis of creationism. Creationism – The Official Page may not be a False Flag group. See if you can tell the difference.

The differences remind me of the movie “War Games.” The game played by the computer was tic-tact-toe. The computer finally ended the simulated war by refusing to play.

Facts about who started the war and/or why computer models are still being used to combat creationism and promote ridiculous theories about mutations and evolution have never been addressed. The only thing certain is that — in the context of creationism — if you continue to play the evolutionist’s game, everyone loses.

Eventually,  virus driven energy theft kills everyone because viruses adapt faster that people do. The superbug crisis is proof of that. It’s the adaptation by viruses in the bacteria that is the biggest threat. Nutritional epigenetics points the way towards eliminating that threat.

See for comparison: Nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled ecological adaptations: from atoms to ecosystems

Excerpt: (with my emphasis):

Researchers recently rediscovered a nutrient-dependent epigenetic variant that links vitamin C to what is probably a glucose and glucose dehydrogenase-dependent base pair change. The base pair change results in addition of a methyl group to a cytosine base, which takes on a hydroxyl group to form different 5-hydroxymethylcytosines (5hmCs). Different 5hmCs are associated with differences in cell types that have the same genetic backgrounds. Nutrient-dependent epigenetically-marked bases help to explain how hundreds of cell types in the human body and in the brain (Kriaucionis & Heintz, 2009) are differentiated and how they maintain their glucose-dependent and other nutrient-dependent receptor-mediated identities (Wu et al., 2014).

Comment: In this case the p1, p2, and p3 pathways are nutrient-dependent and receptor-mediated.

For example, calcitriol is the active form of vitamin D. Its effects on the microRNA(miRNA)/messenger RNA (mRNA) balance appear to protect against perturbed protein folding, which is associated with colorectal cancer. MiRNA-627 targets the mRNA that encodes an enzyme linked to histone demethylation and amino acid substitutions that increase stability of hydrogen bonds in DNA, which are important to protein folding (Padi, Zhang, Rustum, Morrison, & Guo, 2013). Rarely does a week go by without yet another report that details cause and effect in the context of miRNAs (Follert, Cremer, & Beclin, 2014). For example, the potential for therapeutic use of miRNA-126-5p to treat atherosclerosis was reported in time for me to note the importance of miRNAs to cell type differentiation via the circulatory system (Schober et al., 2014). However, in Section One, my focus is on the role of vitamins in nutritional epigenetics. The importance of the miRNA/mRNA balance to protein folding that enables structural and functional differentiation of cell types is detailed further in the Section Two of this review.

My comment: The importance of the link from virus-driven energy theft to pathology in the context of the Precision Medicine Initiative led to the National Microbiome Initiative.  5-hydroxymethylcytosines (5hmCs) link the p1, p2, and p3 nutrient energy-dependent pathways to cell type differentiation and protection of our organized genomes from virus-driven entropy.
Researchers in other countries know that. They will no doubt do everything possible to protect themselves and their countries from threats like the Zika virus and the Ebola viruses. For comparison, look at what happened in the United States of America.
1) Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson was harassed for his young earth creationists beliefs.
2) PLOS one retracted an article for merely mentioning the Creator.
See: Biomechanical Characteristics of Hand Coordination in Grasping Activities of Daily Living [retracted]

In conclusion, our study can improve the understanding of the human hand and confirm that the mechanical architecture is the proper design by the Creator for dexterous performance of numerous functions following the evolutionary remodeling of the ancestral hand for millions of years. Moreover, functional explanations for the mechanical architecture of the muscular-articular connection of the human hand can also aid in developing multifunctional robotic hands by designing them with similar basic architecture.

My comment: What led to the attacks on Dr. Ben Carson’s religious beliefs? What led to the attacks on my scientific credibility in the FFCg?

These are the people who are playing the False Flag game with everyone:

Raymond Bane

Brandi Bell Fuller

Patrick Dennis

Dan Delane

Charles C. Hall, who plays as: Charles Blaha, Professor of Neurosurgery

Zachary Johnson

Dennis Jones

Jay Lutsky

Herman Mays

Sean Ovis  (as Sirius Cyantis, and too many of his friends to mention)

Christopher Richard Pruett
Dave Prout
Ryan Tipple
A few others deserve to also be mentioned, but first things first. Let them know you will try to stop them. Help other serious scientists who are Combating Evolution to Fight Disease, and help to restrain those who are fighting for the diseases that are destroying your security.
Alternatively, see: Comet contains glycine, key part of recipe for life May 27, 2016


In addition to the simple amino acid glycine, the instrument also found phosphorus. The two are key components of DNA and cell membranes.

My comment: Instead of combating evolution to fight disease you could fight against the reporting of pseudoscientific nonsense by theoretical physicists.
See: Scientific method: Defend the integrity of physics

…the issue boils down to clarifying one question: what potential observational or experimental evidence is there that would persuade you that the theory is wrong and lead you to abandoning it? If there is none, it is not a scientific theory. The imprimatur of science should be awarded only to a theory that is testable. Only then can we defend science from attack.

My comment: Substitution of achiral glycine in position six of the GnRH decapeptide in vertebrates links all energy-dependent RNA-mediated cell type differentiation from the innate immune system to supercoiled DNA and the stability of organized genomes via the physiology of reproduction. The theorists of physicists and evolutionists have not been supported with experimental evidence of biologically-based cause and effect. Many people have simply been taught to believe that the theories are scientific theories and they are the people that will continue to prevent scientific progress. They may allow virus-driven energy theft to kill us all.

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[…] War Games: False Flag Terrorism […]

[…] War Games: False Flag Terrorism […]

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