Epigenetics and autophagy vs mutations and evolution (3)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: November 11, 2016

Darwin used meticulous observation of the world around us, combined with protracted and profound reflection, to create a book which has changed the way we think about everything – not only the natural world, but religion, history and society,” he said. “Every researcher, no matter whether they are writing books, creating digital products or producing artworks, aspires to produce something as significant in the history of thought as Origin of Species.
My comment: What led others to abandon Darwin’s “conditions of life” and to place natural selection first? How can anyone believe that life emerged and then evolved when Darwin never observed that. Yet, those same people tout his observations in the context of refutations of their ridiculous theories by serious scientists who know that all life on earth is energy-dependent and that Darwin’s “conditions of life” require Schrodinger’s anti-entropic force: sunlight.

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