Energy-dependent purifying selection / autophagy

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: November 21, 2016

This is a multi-part series. See also: Energy-dependent purifying selection / autophagy (2-6)
Pain from Cells that Are Not Neurons
Introduction: Recent research on pain shows a very surprising result. A new type of neuroplasticity has been discovered…
My comment: It’s discovery does not make it a new type of neuroplasticity. Discoveries like this attest only to the ignorance of theorists who have never considered the role that virus-driven energy theft plays in all pathology.

Excerpt 1)
Injuries produce ATP energy molecules which stimulate astrocytes and microglia to send signals that travel widely—spreading the pain information.
Excerpt 2)

Virus infections cause pain such as sore throat and shingles.

Jon Lieff once again attests to the overwhelming ignorance expressed by theorists. They know nothing about biophysically constrained energy-dependent RNA-mediated protein folding chemistry and cell type differentiation in the context of the physiology of reproduction or pain as a signal of virus-caused cell type distress. They fail to link link ATP-dependent / energy-dependent changes from angstroms to ecosystems in all living genera.

If ATP-dependent / energy-dependent viral latency had not already been achieved in the context of ecological adaptations, we would not see these reports from last week. All of them attest to the fact that nutrient energy-dependent viral latency has been achieved. All of them attest to the fact the viral latency must be maintained across the life-span of all individuals to protect them from all pathology

Cough virus kills liver cancer cells and hepatitis virus:

Neurons in the human eye are organized for error correction:

Retinitis pigmentosa may be treated by reprogramming sugar metabolism:

Immune system uses gut bacteria to control glucose metabolism:

Cannabinoids control memory through mitochondria:

Antibiotic restores cell communication in brain areas damaged by Alzheimer’s disease:

Whole-fat milk consumption associated with leaner children, research finds:

See also:

MECP2 Is Post-transcriptionally Regulated during Human Neurodevelopment by Combinatorial Action of RNA-Binding Proteins and miRNAs.

Abstract conclusion:

Ultimately, 3′ UTR-directed translational fine-tuning differentially modulates MECP2 protein in the two cell types to levels appropriate for normal neurodevelopment.

My comment: Once again we see that the fine tuning of cell type differentiation is transgenerationally epigenetically inherited via energy-dependent control of virus-driven energy theft (i.e., autophagy) during every aspect of normal neurodevelopment. That fact links the physiology of energy-dependent reproduction in marine microbes and soil bacteria from the bull sperm microRNAome to brain development in human infants, which is altered by virus-driven energy theft.

See: Energy-dependent purifying selection / autophagy (2)

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