Fighting for virus-driven pathology

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: January 30, 2017

See my series of 5 posts on the tipping point, which was reached when more than 50,000 indexed publications mentioned microRNAs

The tipping point? 50, 000 publications May 16, 2016

See also: MicroRNA analysis in mouse neuro-2a cells after pseudorabies virus infection

A total of eight viral miRNA were identified, and ten host miRNAs showed significantly different expression upon PRV infection. Among these, five were analyzed by stem-loop RT-qPCR, which confirmed the above data. Interestingly, these viral miRNAs were mainly found in the large latency transcript region of PRV, and predicted to target a variety of genes, forming a complicated regulatory network. Moreover, ten cellular miRNAs were expressed differently upon PRV infection, including nine upregulated and one downregulated miRNAs.

Virus-driven energy theft has been linked to all pathology in species from microbes to humans.
See also: RNA in extracellular vesicles

…we review the classes of RNAs present in EVs, both coding RNAs (messenger RNAs) and noncoding RNAs (long noncoding RNAs, microRNAs, and circular RNAs). The rising attention to EV-resident RNAs as biomarkers stems from the fact that RNAs can be detected at extremely low quantities using a number of methods. To illustrate the interest in EV biology, we discuss EV RNAs in cancer and neurodegeneration, two major age-associated disease processes.

The molecular mechanisms of healthy longevity for comparison to those of virus-driven pathology have been known to all serious scientists since the time of the 1933 Nobel Prizes.
See also: microRNA-binding proteins: specificity and function

This review covers the recent discovery of novel miRBPs, offering a new perspective on the miRNA-mediated gene silencing mechanism.

MicroRNA-mediated gene silencing was linked from nutrient energy-dependent endogenous RNA interference and RNA-directed DNA methylation and cell type stability by amino acid substitutions that differentiate all cell types in all living genera in the context of the physiology of reproduction and supercoiled DNA.
Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA

DNA simultaneously exists in a largely inactive B-form with bases tucked in and protected and an active, highly varied structure with exposed bases. Our data provide relative comparisons of supercoiling-dependent twisted, writhed, curved, and kinked conformations and associated base exposure. Each of these structural features may be differentially recognized by the proteins, nucleic acids, and small molecules that modulate DNA metabolic processes.

Pseudoscientists do not want anyone to know that they failed to link what organism eat from metabolic networks to genetic networks. They displayed more ignorance than others thought humanly possible by ignoring the fact that all organisms must eat or species do not survive. They placed that fact into the context of mutation-driven evolution and the Trump administration will put a stop to that nonsence.

The lie now is exposed and out in the open. Things aren’t working the way they’re supposed to in America. The majority already sees this.

Ann Stevenson

All of this makes total sense. It appears that our nation is in for some rough times.

No. The people who are fighting to keep disease are in for some rough times. See: Combating Evolution to Fight Disease

Evolution is the lie.
Diane Bottum

What a great little essay you have written here. It certainly has some delicious irony in it, putting pressure on the sore spot as the best way to combat what’s hurting. That’s the trick the physical therapist uses to great advantage, because it works!

The sore spot is the teaching of pseudoscientific nonsense in the context of neo-Darwinian theory. The theorists removed Darwin’s energy-dependent “conditions of life.” They replaced the energy-dependent pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction with mutations and natural selection. Subsequently, they were forced to remove natural selection when it became clear that natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality was the link from endogenous RNA interference to all biodiversity via the physiology of reproduction and supercoiled DNA.
Supercoiled DNA protects all organized genomes from virus driven energy theft and genomic entropy. For instance, the diploid number of chromosomes in chimpanzees is 48 whereas in all healthy humans it is 46. That fact must be placed into the context of what is known about transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.
Chromosomal inheritance is the link from the transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of morphological and behavioral phenotypes to healthy longevity and all biodiversity. Virus-driven energy theft clearly links the loss of energy to an increased number of chromosomes.
See: trisomy.  The virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA links trisomy to the craniofacial morphology of Zika virus-damaged human infants and problematic brain development.  For comparison, nutrient energy-dependent changes linked to endogenous RNA interference link the biodiversity of nematodes to ecologically adapted human populations via the number of different hemoglobin variants. Ecological variation links the number of hemoglobin variants to ecological adaptation in non-human primates and all modern humans. All modern humans are clearly ecologically adapted to the areas on Earth from which their lineages ascended.
This tells us that non-human primates are less well-adapted than modern humans and that archaea are less well-adapted than bacteria. If you help the Trump administration focus their energy on what is known to serious scientists about RNA-mediated cell type differentiation, you will put pressure on the sore “spot” of evolution. Watch how quickly all virus-driven energy theft and all pathology is eliminated by what is currently known about the National Microbiome Initiative, metabolic networks and genetic networks that link endogenous RNA interference to the Precision Medicine Initiative via fixation of amino acid substitutions in the cell types of all individuals of all living genera. Then, watch the economy recover from the astronomical costs of traditional medicine as the Trump administration and its supporters  make America great again.
See also: List of organisms by chromosome count
Try to not link the chromosome count from energy-dependent biophysically constrained endogenous RNA interference to ecological adaptation if you intend to keep touting ridiculous theories about mutation-driven evolution.
See also: The octopus genome and the evolution of cephalopod neural and morphological novelties

…these novel genes, the expansion of C2H2 ZNFs, genome rearrangements, and extensive transposable element activity yield a new landscape for both trans- and cis-regulatory elements in the octopus genome, resulting in changes in an otherwise ‘typical’ lophotrochozoan gene complement that contributed to the evolution of cephalopod neural complexity and morphological innovations.

Try not to link the nutrient-energy dependent pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction in marine bacteria to the nutrient-energy dependent pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction in all invertebrates and all vertebrates, which is what was done in: Role of olfaction in Octopus vulgaris reproduction
From the concluding paragraph:

Future work on O. vulgaris olfaction must also consider how animals acquire the odours detected by the olfactory organ and what kind of odour the olfactory organ perceives. The OL acting as control centre may be target organ for metabolic hormones such as leptin like and insulin like peptides, and olfactory organ could exert regulatory action on the OL via epigenetic effects of nutrients and pheromones on gene expression (Kohl, 2013; Elekonich and Robinson, 2000).

See also: Extracellular vesicles and blood diseases

EVs disseminate various bioactive effectors originating from the parent cells and transfer functional RNA and protein between cells, enabling them to alter vascular function and induce biological responses involved in vascular homeostasis. Although most EVs in human blood originate from platelets, EVs are also released from leukocytes, erythrocytes, endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells, and cancer cells.

Try not to link Dobzhansky’s claims about functional RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions to supercoiled DNA and protection from virus-driven energy theft and all pathology via human hemoglobin variants.

…the so-called alpha chains of hemoglobin have identical sequences of amino acids in man and the chimpanzee, but they differ in a single amino acid (out of 141) in the gorilla (p. 127).”

Erythrogene: a database for in-depth analysis of the extensive variation in 36 blood group systems in the 1000 Genomes Project

 We also predicted that 36% of the unknown variants alter amino acids in extracellular portions of RBC proteins and hypothesize that some may constitute blood group antigens not yet discovered.

If you are a serious scientist, try to act surprised to find that endogenous RNA interference links amino acid substitutions from energy-dependent protein folding chemistry to all biophysically constrained biologically-based biodiversity.  If you are a pseudoscientist, try to pretend that all serious scientists have known that cell type differentiation is energy-dependent since 1933.

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