Young earth creationists refute theistic evolution

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: February 24, 2017

Every great scientific truth goes through three stages. First, people say it conflicts with the Bible. Next they say it has been discovered before. Lastly they say they always believed it. –Louis Agassiz

The series about refutations of theistic evolution continues. Creationists and two publications in “Nature” support the claims of young earth creationists who cited: Holmes (1996)  Who rules the waves? – Viruses might just be bit players in the drama of the seas. Then again, they could be major actors

See: Holmes E. C. 2003. Molecular Clocks and the Puzzle of RNA Virus Origins. Journal of Virology. 77 (7): 3893–3897.


“Viruses tend to keep nutrients away from the big stuff and keep them going around in the little stuff,” says Fuhrman. If so, viruses have shaped the entire structure of the ecosystem.”

Are all evolutionists atheists?

As we point out in our article about peer-review, scientists are human beings, complete with the motivations and conflicts of interest all of us have. And it seems the secularization of the sciences has made things worse, as there is currently an epidemic of fraud in science.

My comment: Re: Richard Dawkins called theistic evolutionists ‘deluded’.
I agree. All serious scientists have linked the anti-entropic virucidal energy of sunlight on contact with water from chirality and autophagy to supercoiled DNA via the innate immune system and the physiology of reproduction. Serious scientists also have linked virus-driven energy theft to all pathology.
The accurate representations in Biblical Genesis of what is known about energy-dependent RNA-mediated cell type differentiation have forced pseudoscientists to finally admit to the facts about RNA, which refute their DNA-centric theories.
See for example: An epigenetics gold rush: new controls for gene expression

“We are only in the beginning of the story,” Rechavi says.

See also: The RNA code comes into focus

…in October 2016, the US National Institutes of Health awarded He and Pan a 5-year, US$10.6-million grant to establish a centre to develop methods for identifying and mapping RNA modifications.

See for comparison:
Chronic treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer cells with gefitinib leads to an epigenetic loss of epithelial properties associated with reductions in microRNA-155 and -200c.
Combined small RNA and degradome sequencing reveals complex microRNA regulation of catechin biosynthesis in tea (Camellia sinensis).
More than 58,000 published works link nutrient energy-dependent changes in the microRNA/messenger RNA balance to healthy longevity or they link virus-driven energy theft to all pathology in all living genera.
Young earth creationists have called attention to the facts about sunlight as the link from energy as information to biophysically constrained viral latency for ~15 years. Evolutionary theorists waited too long to admit to the facts. It is not only the theistic evolutionists who were ‘deluded.’ It was anyone who was taught to believe in mutation-driven evolution. The biologically uniformed masses in the United States do not know that the US National Institutes of Health award millions of dollars in grants to establish nothing that is not already known to serious scientists about energy-dependent RNA-mediated cell type differentiation.
If the US National Institutes of Health did not spend millions, no one could attempt to deliver a “billion dollar baby” like this one: Get Well in the RNAi Way-RNAi, A Billion Dollar Baby in Therapy
Excerpt: RNAi has targeted exogenous genes in models of viral infection…
Instead, millions of dollars will be spent to “…develop methods for identifying and mapping RNA modifications…” before the biologically uniformed masses are told that the modifications are nutrient energy-dependent and pheromone-controlled via the physiology of reproduction in species from microbes to humans.
Ecological variation must be linked to energy-dependent ecological adaptations via RNA-mediated protein folding chemistry and amino acid substitutions that differentiate all cell types in all individuals of all living genera. The differences in bacteria and archaea can be compared to the transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of Zika virus-damaged DNA as examples of the continuum of energy-dependent creation and maintenance of all organized genomes in all living genera.
If unethical researchers continue to misrepresent what is know to young earth creationists and to all serious scientists, they can continue to steal millions of dollars to fund their ridiculous claims about mutations and evolution. Money is the motivator. Do not expect those who are motivated by it to tell the Truth. That’s what young earth creationists do.

See also: Researchers uncover a role for HSP90 in gene-environment interactions in humans


By helping proteins fold and function, HSP90 influences a range of characteristics in simple organisms on which natural selection can act, and thus alters the course of evolution,” says Georgios Karras, lead author of the study and a post-doctoral researcher at Whitehead Institute.

My comment: He claims a Heat Shock Protein can be linked from natural selection to evolution.

Natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality links pH-taxis, thermotaxis, chemotaxis, and phototaxis to the creation of the Heat Shock Protein, which helps to protect organized genomes from virus-driven energy theft and genomic entropy in the context of the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction in species from microbes to humans.

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