The Virus-Driven Suicide March for Science

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: April 24, 2017

Genetic analysis of α-synuclein 3′ untranslated region and its corresponding microRNAs in relation to Parkinson’s compared to dementia with Lewy bodies
My summary: Genetic predispositions and energy-dependent microRNA biogenesis link top-down causation to the biophysically constrained transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of neuronal type-specific expression.  Energy-dependent variability in endogenous RNA interference and the SNCA gene contribute to synucleinopathies in the context of two different human pathologies.
Virus-driven energy theft is linked to the regulation of the α-synuclein (SNCA) gene and the etiology of Parkinson’s disease (PD) and to (DLB) dementia with Lewy bodies. RNA-directed DNA methylation is clearly linked from the negative supercoiling of DNA to DLB.
See: DNA methylation changes at SNCA intron 1 in patients with dementia with Lewy bodies
My summary: Lower methylation rates are a biomarker for dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB)
After Robin Williams death was attributed to suicide, he was diagnosed with DLB. The misdiagnosis of Parkinson’s disease contributed to his death.  Virus-driven pathology will continue to contribute to the unnecessary suffering and death of many more victims who have been misdiagnosed by biologically uniformed psychiatrists and other so called “medical professionals.”
See also: Up-regulation of SNCA gene expression: implications to synucleinopathies

…this model system will enable us to compare different neuronal and glial lineages involved in synucleinopathies representing an attractive strategy to elucidate-common and specific-SNCA-genetic variants, regulatory mechanisms, and vulnerable expression levels underlying synucleinopathy spectrum disorders. This forthcoming knowledge will support the development of precision medicine for synucleinopathies.


Because each of the synucleinopathies has a distinct set of symptoms, prognosis and management issues, it has been suggested that the term “has little practical value as a diagnostic term for the clinician.

When did any term used by medical professionals in any model of pathology link nutrient energy-dependent pheromone-controlled ecological adaptations to all healthy longevity and link virus-driven energy theft from synuclinopathologies to all pathology?
See for comparison: 7/25/13 Jay R. Feierman:

Variation is not nutrient availability and the something that is doing the selecting is not the individual organism. A feature of an educated person is to realize what they do not know. Sadly, you don’t know that you have an incorrect understanding [of] Darwinian biological evolution.

See also: Hypothesis free pseudoscience vs facts (4) 10/3/16

Someone should tell Robin Williams’ widow that these guidelines could apply to the use of antibiotics to treat gut discomfort before virus-driven energy theft causes Lewy Body Disease to be misdiagnosed and leads to death by suicide.

See also: Hypothesis free pseudoscience vs facts (5) (10/4/16)

If others had learned that virus-driven energy theft is the cause of the RNA-mediated changes in gut microbes, the publication of results in 1985 might have prevented the death of Robin Williams from Lewy Body Disease. His first symptom was gut discomfort.

Had the viruses in the bacteria been killed by killing the bacteria with an effective antibiotic, Robin Williams and many others would still be alive — like Barry Marshall. Instead, many researchers are still stuck with the irrelevant theories touted by neo-Darwinists.

See also: Combating evolution: Battlefield medicine vs politicized science (12/4/16)

1) He died from constraint-breaking mutations because his physician’s did not know how to link the National Microbiome Initiative to the Precision Medicine Initiative by what is known to all serious scientists about RNA-mediated biophysically constrained viral latency.

2) Anything more I could say has been said in the context of Nobel Prize-winning works from 1936 to this year’s award to Ohsumi. It is not possible to break it down into language that a layperson will understand, unless the layperson understands why Ohsumi won the award, which was based on all works that have every linked energy-dependent changes in angstroms to ecosystems via autophagy. And yet, Ohsumi has not linked virus-driven energy theft to Lewy Body Disease and all other pathology.

See also: Autophagy: from pre-mRNAs to microRNAs, enhancers, QTLs et al. (1/4/17)

My family members and friends of Robin Williams might be appalled to learn that death from Parkinson’s and death from Lewy Body Disease both include instances of suicide that is caused by untreated virus-driven energy theft. The virus-driven energy theft also is the cause of all pathology in species from archaea to humans. It is manifested as energy-dependent changes in alternative splicings of otherwise identical genes.

The prevention of unnecessary suffering and death could be as simple as restoring the balance of amino acids and sugar to prevent all pathology via RNA-mediated cell type differentiation.

Every aspect of preventative medicine links the National Microbiome Initiative to the Precision Medicine Initiative via energy-dependent changes. The changes link angstroms to ecosystems in all living genera. When do you think you will be told that the obvious link from the changes to healthy longevity is the pheromone-controlled biophysically constrained chemistry of RNA-mediated protein folding. I hope you learn that fact before you die from virus-driven energy theft.

Heading into Today’s March, Here’s When to Doubt a Scientific “Consensus

…the “power of the paradigm” often blinds scientists to alternatives to their view. Question the paradigm, and some respond with anger.

But here’s a checklist to decide when you can, even should, doubt a scientific “consensus,” whatever the subject. One of these signs may be enough to give pause. If they start to pile up, then it’s wise to be leery.

(1) When different claims get bundled together

(2) When ad hominem attacks against dissenters predominate

(3) When scientists are pressured to toe the party line

(4) When publishing and peer review in the discipline is cliquish

(5) When dissenters are excluded from the peer-reviewed journals not because of weak evidence or bad arguments but to marginalize them.

(6) When the actual peer-reviewed literature is misrepresented

(7) When consensus is declared before it even exists

(8) When the subject matter seems, by its nature, to resist consensus

(9) When “scientists say” or “science says” is a common locution

(10) When it is being used to justify dramatic political or economic policies

(11) When the “consensus” is maintained by an army of water-carrying journalists who defend it with partisan zeal, and seem intent on helping certain scientists with their messaging rather than reporting on the field as fairly as possible

(12) When we keep being told that there’s a scientific consensus

Is there any consensus for comparison to one that most people believe in about the fact that they must eat or they will starve to death?

See for comparison: Could genetics influence what we like to eat?

…little is known about how natural variation in these genes could affect eating behaviors in healthy people. Gene variation is a result of subtle DNA differences among individuals that make each person unique.

What is Life? (reprint edition)

“How often do we still hear that quantum effects can have little relevance in the study of biology, or even that we eat food in order to gain energy?” — (Roger Penrose 8 August 1991)

See also:  Anesthesia points to deeper level ‘quantum channels’ as origins of consciousness

OR theory is not theory. They linked the anti-entropic virucidal quantised energy of sunlight from ecological variation to ecological adaptation in all living genera via nutrient energy-dependent viral latency as Penrose did in his forward to the reprint of “What is Life?”  Theorists who typically do not understand any aspect of biophysically constrained RNA-mediated protein folding chemistry may continue to tout their pseudoscientific nonsense about mutations and evolution, but all serious scientists know that energy-dependent codon optimality is the key to human consciousness. For example, they know that people who do not eat lose consciousness and die.

Scientist Confirms the Quantum Soul

Scientific Seeker Stuart Kauffman on Free Will, God, ESP and Other Mysteries

He proposed that our scientific understanding of reality is radically incomplete, and that some sort of anti-entropy, order-generating force remains to be discovered.

Quantum Souls

The Quantum Souls blog explores how the sun’s anti-entropic virucidal energy is linked to quantum biology, consciousness and in the soul of humans and animals. Contrary to evolutionary theorists, we are not mutants who evolved after energy emerged from nothing.

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