Nothing evolved into all biodiversity on Earth

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: May 8, 2017

Ricki Lewis introduces more confusion into the question about “Wwhich came first, the chicken or the egg. She uses the evolved chicken to make chicken soup.”

Did Christianity Speed Chicken Evolution? by Ricki Lewis.

The selected genes encode the thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor (TSHR) and β-carotene dioxygenase 2 (BCDO2). Their DNA sequences echo positive selection: mutation changing an amino acid from the ancestral to the derived species.

Ricki Lewis is a science writer with a PhD in genetics. She defined positive selection as “mutation changing an amino acid from the ancestral to the derived species”  which suggests that she believe mutation-driven changes in amino acids can be linked to the evolutionary history of birds during the past 6000 years. She may also believe in other aspects of Mutation-Driven Evolution.

See for comparison: Biologists use genomics to identify evolving new bird species in southern Idaho

The South Hills crossbill, potentially a newly discovered species of finch, has evolved over the past 6,000 years with a unique dependence on its food source, the Rocky Mountain lodgepole pine, in a coevolutionary arms race that also changed the tree….

See also: The seeds of speciation

…it’s not been clear whether South Hills crossbills are genetically isolated by coevolution with pine in that one tile of the mosaic. If they are, the birds’ adaptation to the tree’s defenses might be setting the South Hills crossbills on the road to the origin of a new species.

John Brunstein may help to rescue us from the pseudoscientific nonsense touted by theoretical physicists and other theorists, like Ricki Lewis, who would like serious scientists to believe that one species can evolve into another species by eating different seeds.

See: Back to Basics: RNA molecular diagnostics

John Brunstein, PhD, is the President and Chief Science Officer for British Columbia-based PathoID, Inc., which provides consulting for development and validation of molecular assays. Ricki Lewis, and others like her, can ignore everything known to serious scientists about nutrient energy-dependent RNA-mediated biophysically constrained biologically-based biodiversity. People who validate molecular assays cannot ignore facts like this one:

…one base in RNA (uracil) is functionally replaced by another in DNA (thymine). The difference between these bases is a single methyl (-CH3) group present on thymine but absent in uracil.”

John Brunstein consistently places energy-dependent changes in base pairs into the context of RNA-mediated events. The RNA-mediated events link sunlight and ATP from the biosynthesis of RNA to energy-dependent RNA methylation, which must link energy-dependent RNA-directed DNA methylation to all biodiversity via fixation of amino acid substitutions in supercoiled DNA. Facts about RNA-directed DNA methylation, supercoiled DNA, and all biodiversity link feedback loops from odor and pheromones to the physiology of reproduction, which biophysically constrains all biodiversity. See: Feedback loops link odor and pheromone signaling with reproduction See also: Combating Evolution to Fight Disease

See for comparison: Microbiology, molecular, MALDI-TOF, or all of the above?

My summary: Serious scientists know that some multiplexing PCR systems identify unique sequences of nucleotides associated with virus-driven energy theft and dominant types of antibiotic resistance, such as methicillin, vancomycin, and carbapenem resistance. The serious scientists link energy-dependent changes in angstroms to ecosystems in all genera at the same time that others are touting catchy phrases like “Functional Medicine” and “Evolutionary Medicine.”

See Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA. See for comparison, the recipe for chicken soup provided by Ricki Lewis in Did Christianity Speed Chicken Evolution?

While I’m not an expert in Christianity or math, or even Judaism, I do know how to make Jewish chicken soup.

Ricki Lewis clearly used the advantage of touting pseudoscientific nonsense outside the context of what is known about biophysically constrained energy-dependent changes in base pairs. Ricki Lewis simply ignores the fact that energy-dependent changes in hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution prevent the degradation of messenger RNA, which links mutations to all pathology. That fact has been placed into the context of quantum thermodynamics and information theory in another attempt to daze and confuse those who do not know that energy is information.

What he likes about quantum thermodynamics is that “you have these two fundamental quantities — energy and quantum information — and these two things meet together. — The Quantum Thermodynamics Revolution: information theory

First, information theory separates energy and quantum information. When information theorists claim to put the two things back together, the reassert the pseudoscientific nonsense that led them to separate energy as information into energy and information. For example, food energy as information is not considered by pseudoscientists and other theorists who want to keep their ridiculous theories about the emergence of everything from nothing before everything that automagically emerged evolved into all the biodiversity on Earth.

Autophagy is energy-dependent and RNA-mediated.

See for comparison: Autophagy-Regulating microRNAs and Cancer

My summary: The conserved cellular recycling pathway is nutrient energy-dependent and pheromone-controlled. No experimental evidence of biologically-based cause and effect suggests this pathway is “evolutionary conserved.” Nothing known about biophysical constraints suggests that it automagically evolved to be conserved.  The inference of a link between evolution and energy-dependent autophagy is another example of how much psedoscientific nonsense is included. Serious scientists should not need to mention evolution in their examples of natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality, which is exemplified in the context of changes in the microRNA/messenger RNA balance. Serious scientists may need to consistently mention that virus-driven energy theft links the degradation of messenger RNA to all pathology in all living genera.

See also: The role of autophagy in hepatocellular carcinoma: friend or foe

…unbalanced autophagy will contribute to carcinoma cell survival under tumor microenvironment and in turn promote tumor growth and development.

Unbalanced autophagy does not link evolution from the emergence of energy to all biodiversity on Earth. Positive selection does not link mutations from amino acid substitutions in an ancestral species to substitutions in the derived species. RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions arethe nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled ecological adaptations that link RNA biosynthesis to all energy-dependent biodiversity.

See: Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model
See also: Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game

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