Automagical protein creation sans energy

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: August 10, 2017

The creation of the enzyme is linked to the evolution of all biodiversity via the creation of the enzyme and mutations. See for comparison: Neuronal-expressed microRNA-targeted pseudogenes compete with coding genes in the human brain. Listen to this song about Santa Claus and note that he sees you when you’re sleeping and somehow unconsciously determines if you’ve been good or bad. Santa Claus may know that the sense of smell has repeatedly been linked to effects on hormones and unconscious affects on behavior.

This enzyme enabled life to conquer a hostile earth

The first major step of photosynthesis is triggered by an enzyme known as Rubisco. Previous research suggested that Rubisco is likely the most abundant protein on Earth

The first major step of photosynthesis is the de novo creation of the sun’s anti-entropic virucidal energy. The energy must be linked from its creation to the Common origins of RNA, protein and lipid precursors in a cyanosulfidic protometabolism
See for review: The role of quantum information in thermodynamics—a topical review

1) If physical theories were people, thermodynamics would be the village witch.

2) In the early twentieth century, information theory was constructed as the epitome of detachment from physics [7].

3) But as it turned out, not all information was created equal.

I’m reading a book by Matthew Cobb that fails to resolve that problem. In the first part of the book, he fails to link Schrodinger’s claims about sunlight and negative entropy from energy as information to all biophysically constrained biodiversity on Earth, and complains that Schrodinger gets not credit for the concept of energy as information because he never used the word information. See: Life’s Greatest Secret: The Race to Crack the Genetic Code and Genes Before DNA: How geneticists around the world struggled to bring the foundation of life’s building blocks to light “… there are no direct links between Schrödinger’s lectures and the experiments and theories that were part of the decades-long attempt to crack the genetic code…”

4) In the past twenty years, the field of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics has seen a rapid development in the treatment of driven classical and quantum systems beyond the linear response regime. This has culminated in the discovery of various fluctuation theorems which relate equilibrium thermodynamic quantities to non-equilibrium ones, and led to a revision on how we understand the thermodynamics of systems far from equilibrium [20–24].

5) Entanglement and phase transitions in condensed matter. Entanglement is frequently used as an indicator of quantum phase transitions in condensed matter systems. We do not cover this particular setting but the interested reader may find a comprehensive review in [36].

[36] Entanglement in many-body systems can be compared to what is known about the Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA, and this playful representation of all biophysically constrained biologically-based cause and effect in this parody about energy-dependent base pairs.

The authors of Constraining the timing of the Great Oxidation Event within the Rubisco phylogenetic tree  ignore the fact that food energy as information must be linked to quantum entanglement via changes in base pairs in the context of the creation of amino acids and all protein-based biodiversity on Earth. Instead, they ignore biophysical constraints on energy-dependent base pairs that are linked to biophysically constrained viral latency via RNA-mediated fixation of amino acid substitutions in supercoiled DNA.
For instance, they start with the automagical creation of a protein. Then they link the automagical creation of the protein from the enzyme known as Rubisco to protein folding chemistry and to all biophysically constrained biodiversity on Earth.  In the context below, anything is possible. All that theorists need to do is remove the energy and focus on the math, which they now must link to ecological adaptations.

Ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate (RuBP) carboxylase/oxygenase (RuBisCO, or Rubisco) catalyzes a key reaction by which inorganic carbon is converted into organic carbon in the metabolism of many aerobic and anaerobic organisms…

Therefore, it is possible that the mutational enrichment periods between the Form III and Form I common ancestral sequences correspond to the adaptation of key oxygen-sensitive components of Rubisco prior to, or coincident with, the Great Oxidation Event.

It is equally possible that mathematical models of energy-dependent biophysically constrained biologically-based cause and effect could be used in representations like this: Quantum common sense

We don’t need a conscious mind to measure or look. With or without us, the Universe is always looking

For comparison: Listen to this song about Santa Claus and note that he sees you when your sleeping and somehow unconsciously determines if you’ve been good or bad.
For comparison to the Rubisco phylogenetic tree  see: The phylogenetic utility and functional constraint of microRNA flanking sequences
When pseudoscientists fail to link the quantized energy of sunlight as information from changes in base pairs to the creation of microRNAs and all biophysically constrained biodiversity, they typically proceed to tout ridiculous theories about mutations (e.g, mutational enrichment periods). They seem to not recognize the fact that the mutations are caused by the theft of quantized energy and the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA.
The theft of quantized energy as information cannot lead to mutational enrichment periods outside the context of mathematical models. In this case, natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality is no longer considered in the context of the Great Oxidation Event, which is placed into the context of a mathematical model. The creation of the enzyme is linked to the evolution of all biodiversity via the creation of the enzyme and mutations.

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc

The term refers to a logical fallacy that because two events occurred in succession, the former event caused the latter event.

The logical fallacy is exemplified above. Rubisco links an enzyme to catalysis via a key reaction that corresponds to the adaptation of key oxygen-sensitive components of Rubisco prior to, or coincident with, the Great Oxidation Event.

The ease of obfuscation (the former event caused the latter) links other logical fallacies to claims about mutation-driven evolution. Those ridiculous claims can be compared to accurate representations of energy-dependent top-down causation in the context of the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction. Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model.

Anyone who thinks they can continue to tout theories instead of facts about energy-dependent ecological adaptations should be cast out of academia. Minimally, they will continue to be told to stop linking their ridiculous theories about enzymes to all biodiversity on Earth without claims about how the enzymes were created. But first, they should be forced to admit that they do not know where the energy for the creation of the protein, Rubisco came from.

Rather than admit that their theories are examples of human idiocy (see Food energy), biologically uniformed science idiots continue to serve as examples of the idiocy (Richard P. Feynman’s term). The “food energy” snippet comes from one of his lectures in the series “The character of Physical Law.” He complains about all the different units that are used to measure the single concept of Energy.

His prescient perspective on human idiocy can now be viewed in the context of sunlight as the quantized energy of information. In the latest rendition of pseudoscientific nonsense, quantized energy as information has since been eliminated from the creation of an enzyme. Then, the protein, Rubisco is linked to ecological adaptation and all energy-dependent biodiversity on Earth (and perhaps even on other planets).

To place that pseudoscientific nonsense into the context of life and death on Earth, see: Olfaction Warps Visual Time Perception

The altered human visual perception of mass and energy was placed into the context of the space time continuum via links to the food energy-dependent pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction in bacteria.

See: Neuronal-expressed microRNA-targeted pseudogenes compete with coding genes in the human brain

…several studies report active target RNA-directed degradation of miRNAs, rather than passive ‘sponging’ activities.7 Together, this calls for re-inspection of the evolutionary, global in vivo impact, directionality and specificity of the competition between PSGs and protein-coding genes (PCGs) in the human brain.

Re-inspection of the evolutionary, global in vivo impact et al., in the context of the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA will link the energy-dependent de novo creation of olfactory receptor genes to healthy longevity via biophysically constrained viral latency. The viral latency is manifested in pseudogenes. Humans have more pseudogenes than other mammals because more viruses were biophysically constrained.  The biophysical constraints are food energy-dependent.

So far as I know, you cannot get to altered perception without the energy-dependent de novo creation of microRNAs and G protein-coupled receptors such as olfactory receptor genes. However, altered perception has been linked to social behavior via pheromones and de novo gene creation as well as the creation of pseudogenes that biophysically constrain human behavior in the context of neurogenesis and a potential cure for all neurodegenerative diseases.

See: Pheromones and the luteinizing hormone for inducing proliferation of neural stem cells and neurogenesis

The neurodegenrative diseases have been linked to suicide and to suicide prevention via expertise is pharmacogenetics.

See: Formulation and evaluation of anti-suicidal nasal spray of Thyrotropin releasing hormone

The role that the de novo creation of energy-dependent microRNAs plays in the prevention of all pathology is clear to all serious scientists.

See also: MicroRNAs-based therapy: a novel and promising strategy for cancer treatment

The role of microRNA-based therapies (microRNA and disease) extends across the space time continuum to the formulation of the anti-suicidal nasal spray via the formulation of human pheromone-enhanced products. That fact is not being examined by anyone I know about.

The role that mutations and natural selection play in the automagical creation of all energy-dependent biodiversity has captured the attention of pseudoscientists and other biologically uninformed science idiots who have attacked me for more than 20 years. The question remains: When is enough, enough? Even friends are beginning to attack.

See: Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game

A board game taking place inside a human cell! Players compete to build enzymes, hormones and receptors and fend off attacking Viruses!

Without the anti-entropic virucidal energy of sunlight, enzymes cannot be built and hormones and receptors cannot be linked From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior via published works like this: Feedback loops link odor and pheromone signaling with reproduction or by any other serious scientists who are Combating Evolution to Fight Disease.

My comment to Science:

Darwin probably anticipated the insemination of population genetics that led to the bastardization of his detailed observations in the “Modern Synthesis.” He politely insisted that ‘conditions of life’ be considered before natural selection.

There are two ‘conditions of life.’ It is nutrient-dependent and pheromone-controlled. Rosenberg and Queitsch now note the work with Dobzhansky’s rarely acknowledged claim: “I am a creationist and an evolutionist.” They also declare the need for “Deep understanding of the mechanisms that generate variation at the molecular level…”

Deep understanding of the ‘conditions of life’ does not come from theory.

Problems with the “modern synthesis” now lead us back to the facts about biologically-based cause and effect that Darwin and Dobzhansky approached with humility, which are the same biological facts that evolutionists approached with ignorance about behavioral affects and the arrogance that accompanies that ignorance. Rosenberg and Queitsch echo the sentiments of those who have been subjected to academic suppression.

Clearly, however, “nothing in evolution makes sense except in the light of biology” is not an exaggeration. It is a common sense statement about the biologically plausible genesis of functional cell types. Population genetics and evolutionary theories abandoned the biophysical constraints of ecological variation and the physiology of reproduction, which enable epigenetically-effected nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled receptor-mediated ecological adaptations and species diversity via the complexities of protein folding and niche construction.

It’s time for biophysicists to tell theorists and pathologists how to differentiate between theories about the genesis of different cell types and the biological facts about the nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled ecological adaptations that enable the genesis of different cell types in individuals of different species. Simply put, it’s time to stop trying to explain ecological adaptations in the context of mutations and evolution.

See also: Protein folding: Much more intricate than we thought: Scientists are still uncovering all the players that help keep proteins folded inside cells—and all the ways the process can go wrong

The sequence of amino acids in a protein is sufficient to determine its three-dimensional structure.

Natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality is the link from the physiology of reproduction to fixation of the amino acid substitutions that differentiate all cell types in all individuals of all living genera. That fact has now been placed, once again, into the context of this pseudoscientific nonsense.
See: Scientists Uncover That Humans Have A ‘Magnetic 6th Sense’ to Detect Something We Can’t Even See

Inspired by articles written by Collective-Evolution and Science Alert.

Kirschvink was able to discover in one of his experiments that when the magnetic field itself is rotated counterclockwise around a patient, their neutrons responded with generating a spike in electric activity.

See also: Joseph Kirschvink et al., “A Magnetotactic Origin for the Mitochondria (and Organelle-bearing Eukaryotes) at ∼2ga: In The Aftermath of the Cyanobacterial Radiation and the Great Oxygenation Event, Causing the End Of The Lomagundi-jatuli Carbon Isotope Excursion and Paving the Way for the Rest of Proterozoic Time” (paper presented at 34th International Geological Congress Unearthing our Past and Future—Resourcing Tomorrow, Brisbane, Australia, 5–10 August, 2012). — cited in “The Excitable Mitochondria” by John Hewitt
For attacks on my model by friends,  see: MicroRNA: A novel target of curcumin in cancer therapy (Discussion attempt)
I do not think that any family members and/or most of my friends want the cure for cancer and all other pathology to be revealed — unless the cure cannot be linked to healthy longevity from my model of food energy-dependent pheromone-controlled RNA-mediated biodiversity.
“A Magnetotactic Origin for the Mitochondria” divorces the origin of the mitochondria from the energy-dependent de novo creation of G protein-coupled receptors that link pH-taxis to chemotaxis and phototaxis.
All energy-dependent taxis/movement is biophysically constrained by the anti-entropic virucidal energy of sunlight in the context of the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction. The claims that linked human pheromones to our “sixth sense” have nearly been removed from consideration during the past two decades. See for instance this review of See What I’m Saying: The Extraordinary Powers of Our Five Senses

The goals of the book are threefold: (1) to reveal that you have extraordinary perceptual skills of which you are largely unaware;(2) to show that by becoming aware of these skills and how they work, you can actually enhance how to use them; and (3) to convey that these skills illustrate some of the most important recent developments in perceptual science.

The most important recent developments in perceptual science link food odors and pheromones from the sense of smell in bacteria to the physiology of reproduction, which biophysically constrains viral latency. That prevents the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA that would otherwise reduce all of creation to examples of archaea and L-forms that Carl Woese claimed should be placed into the context of different domains of life.
Cellular versus viral microRNAs in host–virus interaction
Viral and cellular messenger RNA targets of viral microRNAs
Virus-mediated archaeal hecatomb in the deep seafloor

We show here for the first time the crucial role of viruses in controlling archaeal dynamics and therefore the functioning of deep-sea ecosystems, and suggest that virus-archaea interactions play a central role in global biogeochemical cycles.


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