Environmental selection is natural selection (2)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: April 26, 2018

I believe that if you put enough biologically uniformed theorists in the same room, they will invent more theories to support the pseudoscientific nonsense they have touted in the past. See for example:

Environmental selection during the last ice age on the mother-to-infant transmission of vitamin D and fatty acids through breast milk


The synthesis presented here is a product of the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s 2017 annual meeting, as the ideas came together in the session entitled “Beringia and the Dispersal of Modern Humans to the Americas.”

Every aspect of every level of biophysically constrained food energy-dependent biologically-based cause and effect is placed back into the context of a ridiculous theory of human migration and evolution. The theory accurately attests to the link from one food energy-dependent base pair change to biodiversity in human populations via fixation of one amino acid substitution. But then, something goes horribly wrong.

The theory requires the fixation of the amino acid substitution to automagically occur in the context of the sun’s anti-entropic virucidal energy. The theory fails to mention the fact that the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction and the microRNA-mediated creation of all cell types in all living genera is required.

See for comparison: Anything published since the time I learned about the importance of microRNAs during the 2012 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in New Orleans, LA.

From 2000/10/15 to 2012/10/15 microRNA Items: 1 to 20 of 19910

From 2012/10/15 to 2018/04/26 microRNA Items: 1 to 20 of 53458

The number of biologically informed serious scientists who have linked the energy-dependent creation of microRNAs to biophysically constrained viral latency and all biodiversity via the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction in bacteria continues to rapidly increase.

This begs the question: When will biologically uninformed science idiots stop attending meetings that facilitate their attempts to invent more ridiculous theories?

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