Epigenetic effects on so-called genetic endemism (2)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: September 25, 2018

I reiterate, “The frequency of the human-specific EDAR V370A allele appears to be uniquely elevated in North and East Asian and New World populations due to a bout of positive selection…”
See: Environmental selection during the last ice age on the mother-to-infant transmission of vitamin D and fatty acids through breast milk
Until today, there was no consensus model that linked the quantized energy of sunlight as information from differences in the energy of photons to the proton motive force and differences in the potential of hydrogen (pH). Differences in pH link positive selection from hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution to microRNA biogenesis and viral latency, which is linked to all biodiversity via RNA-directed DNA methylation and RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions.
For comic relief, everything known to serious scientists about hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution and supercoiled DNA was placed into the context of this parody.

See also: Cryo-EM of ATP synthases

A consensus model for the path of protons through the FO region has emerged.

That path links the creation of sunlight to microRNA biogenesis and viral latency in species from microbes to humans via the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction in soil bacteria and supercoiled DNA. Indeed, as the scientists claim in the parody: It’s all about that base.
For comparison, the consensus reached by pseudoscientists linked beneficial mutations from natural selection to the evolution of biodiversity. There is still no model of biophysically constrained top-down energy-depedent causation for that.
The consensus on evolved biodiversity was reached in the context of hypothesis-free science and it led to claims that evolution is true.
See: A universal trend of amino acid gain and loss in protein evolution

Amino acid composition of proteins varies substantially between taxa and, thus, can evolve.

That claim means that evolution is true.
See also: Evolution of Genome Architecture in Archaea: Spontaneous Generation of a New Chromosome in Haloferax volcanii

The common ancestry of archaea and eukaryotes is evident in their genome architecture.

That claim means the evolution is true.
Spontaneous generation of a new chromosome is proof that evolution is true.
For another example of the truth about evolution, see: CryoEM of bacterial secretion systems

The need for bacteria to interact with their environment has driven the evolution of elaborate secretion systems.

Here is where the ridiculous consensus about evolution breaks down. First, there never was a need for bacteria to evolve. The bacteria needed to adapt to ecological changes, which is what all species on Earth have always needed to do.
Second, the food energy-dependent secretion systems of bacteria exemplify ecological adaptations that link the energy-dependent creation of the cell wall to the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction. If enough food is not found to support the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction, the virus-driven degradation of  the cell wall causes individuals to die and causes species to become extinct.
See: Virus-mediated archaeal hecatomb in the deep seafloor
Finally, the need of species to not become extinct in the context of virus-driven pathology, which links damage to the cell wall to the creation of archaea and L-forms, could be placed into the context of the consensus reached by biologically uniformed theorists. To avoid extinction, the species would need to evolve.  But how?
There is still no model of biologically based cause and effect to support the claims of neo-Darwinian theorists who have forced me to keep repeating claims like this.
Viruses are a dominant driver of protein adaptation in mammals
The fatal flaw that was included in all ridiculous neo-Darwinian theories was placed into the context of human idiocy by Richard Feynman.

Why didn’t other physicists, chemists and all molecular biologists believe him? Perhaps they refused to believe they were examples of human idiocy. But why hasn’t that changed during the past 50 years?
See for comparison:   Dependence of RNA synthesis in isolated thymus nuclei on glycolysis, oxidative carbohydrate catabolism and a type of “oxidative phosphorylation” (1964)
Biology, molecular and organismic

Ingram and others found that hemoglobin S differs from A in the substitution of just a single amino acid, valine in place of glutamic acid in the beta chain of the hemoglobin molecule.

Nothing in Biology Makes Any Sense Except in the Light of Evolution

…the so-called alpha chains of hemoglobin have identical sequences of amino acids in man and the chimpanzee, but they differ in a single amino acid (out of 141) in the gorilla.

Dobzhansky was a Creationist. The light was sunlight. Placing sunlight into the context of evolution was word play; a joke. Serious scientists are still laughing at the joke. Pseudosceintists failed to recognize it was a joke.

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