Copying Nature’s Design Process (1)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: October 4, 2018

“What I do is copy nature’s design process.” October 3, 2013 (video 5:41 minutes)

For 2018 Nobel Chemistry Prize Laureate Frances H. Arnold, evolution is nature’s way of overcoming new challenges. In a world filled with challenges, Arnold’s discovery has helped us emulate this problem-solving process in the lab.

She makes it seem like she believes in evolved innovation and evolved species of enzymes with her claim that nature does it all the time.
See for comparison: Crop Production for Increasing Population

Plants comprise the source of life on earth. Ninety percent of the energy and 80% of the protein consumed by humans are of plant origin. Thousands of people die every year in many parts of the world due to hunger and malnutrition. It is necessary to increase crop production so that human beings can feed on a sufficient and balanced diet to sustain their existence on Earth.

I placed the fact that all organisms must find food and eat, or they do not reproduce, into the context of this discussion attempt. (Pseudoscientists typically deny that the Flood in Biblical Genesis occurred.)
I asked Gary Hurd: How did a bird-watcher (ethologist) get from geochemistry to psychiatry, archaeology, and faunal taphonomy without noticing the role the viruses play in global biogeochemical cycles? It’s as if you trained to become a biologically uninformed science idiot throughout your purposeless life.
See for comparison: Virus-mediated archaeal hecatomb in the deep seafloor

We show here for the first time the crucial role of viruses in controlling archaeal dynamics and therefore the functioning of deep-sea ecosystems, and suggest that virus-archaea interactions play a central role in global biogeochemical cycles.

I added: Here’s an interesting fact about pre-Flood scientific creationism. “While abiotically produced uraninite and coffinite were thought to be the major components of uranium ores… this study shows that U maybe trapped primarily via biological reduction.”
Supposedly, bacteria that eat electrons created the uranium ores.
See: Biogenic non-crystalline U(IV) revealed as major component in uranium ore deposits.
The physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction in bacteria has been linked to the rapidly occurring post-flood sympatric speciation by energy-dependent phosphorylation, which helps to explain the post-flood re-population of all species on Earth in the context of what they found to eat.
Eating is widely believed by serious scientists to be essential to the ability to reproduce in the context of pheromone-constrained viral latency. Constraint-breaking mutations link calcification and ossification of tissue to the fossil record whether or not naturally fluorescent DNA is found in specimens that are sometimes reported by pseudoscientists to be millions of years old. If Mark Armitage ever begins to discuss these facts, he might learn that others, like me, made his findings perfectly predictable and lose any funding he might still be able to get after the viral apocalypse.
I summarized:
We have reached the point where serious scientists could probably link the food energy-dependent creation of uraninite to gilsonite via biogenesis in the context of light-activated microRNA biogenesis, which is the link from light-tracking in Brugmansia (pictured) to all biodiversity in the context of Sal Giardina’s questions about God or Dirt. For example, this night flowering plant grows in dirt. If God did not create the dirt, the sunlight and the water, theorists have some explaining to do. But, as a serious scientist, I am not going to listen to anyone start from the emergence of energy and link the emergence to evolved biodiversity. It’s moronic to even consider such things in the context of 1 Corinthians 15: 36 (which adds details to the claims about the weekend Resurrection of Christ)
Light-activated microRNA biogenesis links the fixation of carbon in plants to light tracking in poisonous night-blooming Brugmansia (Angel Trumpets). In Sunflowers, light tracking is linked to our supply of food energy via the successful physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction in all invertebrates and in all vertebrates. Although some people might not consider the light-activated fixation of carbon in carbon-based life to be a miracle, intelligent people would realize that this picture (below) of my light-tracking Brugmansia exemplifies every aspect of light-activated healthy longevity.

Light tracking in Brugmansia

Each day that the sun shines, this plant responds to changes in the production of soil bacteria and availability of water with a change in orientation to the sun. The change can be as dramatic as the reorientation from a 90 degree bend in the stalk to an upright (180 degree) stance. The fact that Sal Giardina and Mark Armitage have never commented on this allows people like Tomio Aalto to take my life’s works and post bits and pieces of my model to his blog site.
His most recent post on alternative splicing from October 1, 2018 is: Alternative splicing points to Intelligent Design
Light-activated alternative splicings of pre-mRNA (aka microRNAs) have been linked to the successful physiology of reproduction in species from microbes to humans and from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA to all pathology. See the picture (below [of the same plant]) for an example. (Later on the same day, the plant becomes more upright because the sun is moving from southeast to northwest.) SARCASM ALERT: Oddly this seems to be a pattern that may not be location specific.

If Henry Morris IV stays silent about this, we will see how YECs have contributed to unnecessary suffering and premature death by omitting the facts known to all serious scientists and focusing on neo-Darwinian pseudoscientific nonsense by placing it into the context of Darwinism (a night and day difference).
Darwin started with his “conditions of life.”  Neo-Darwinists start with mutations and link them to the evolution of all biodiversity with passing comments on “Nature’s Design” or “Intelligent Design.”
I concluded:

Before I go (due to the lack of any discussion), also see: Universe’s ultraviolet background could provide clues about missing galaxies
Simulations show that there should be more small galaxies in the Universe, but UV radiation essentially stopped them from developing by depriving them of the gas they need to form stars.
If you still think that the Creation of light (biophotonic virucidal energy) which physically constrains the formation of new galaxies and biophysically constrains the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA, that links mutations to all pathology, does not exemplify the miracle of God’s Creation and the miracle of the energy-dependent weekend Resurrection of Christ, see the passage in 1 Corinthians 15:36 that starts with “Thou fool!”
You may not be able to recognize the foolishness of others until after you recognize your own.

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