Epic failure of the FDA: Gottlieb resigns (1)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: March 5, 2019

Autophagic cell death restricts chromosomal instability during replicative crisis 1/22/19

Our data suggest that autophagy is an integral component of the tumour suppressive crisis mechanism and that loss of autophagy function is required for the initiation of cancer.

Reported as: In surprising reversal, scientists find a cellular process that stops cancer before it starts

We didn’t know it was possible for cells to survive crisis; we didn’t know autophagy is involved with the cell death in crisis; we certainly didn’t know how autophagy prevents the accumulation of genetic damage.

Apparently, they did not know how the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex linked the energy-dependent creation of microRNAs to autophagy. More than 1100 publications light-activated microRNA biogenesis in plants to the genesis of biophysically constrained biodiversity via autophagy. See for examples: microRNA autophagy
What’s known about how energy-dependent autophagy prevents the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA from causing the mutations that serious scientists have link to all diseases became a problem for biologically uninformed investors on 3/5/19.
The fact that the forthcoming cure for cancer is based on the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex and naturally occurring RNA interference in the context of autophagy probably scared Scott Gottlieb.
See:  Scott Gottlieb’s sudden resignation will give biotech a panic attack

He took personal ownership of every initiative, and pushed them forward with his own personal brand.

No. He failed to link the National Microbiome Initiative to the Precision Medicine Initiative via what is known about energy-dependent microRNA-mediated RNA interference.
Who benefited from that? Follow the money.

John Maraganore, the chief executive of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, which under Gottlieb received FDA approval of the first medicine to work using a technology called RNA interference, said he was “very disappointed to see him go,” calling Gottlieb “a terrific commissioner.”

A terrific commissioner would not be likely to facilitate the approval of a medicine that links naturally occurring biophysically constrained RNA interference to the prevention of all diseases via what is known about how the National Microbiome Initiative must link what people eat to the Precision Medicine Initiative via the metabolism of food to species specific pheromones, which biophysically constrain viral latency via RNA interference.
The first patent application for RNA interference showed up in 2015. Who knows what’s been going on at the FDA before or since then? Scott Gottlieb became the FDA Commissioner in May 2017.
See RNA-Guided Human Genome Engineering

5. Repetitive elements or endogenous viral elements can be targeted with engineered Cas+gRNA systems in microbes, plants, animals, or human cells to reduce deleterious transposition or to aid in sequencing or other analytic genomic/transcriptomic/proteomic/diagnostic tools (in which nearly identical copies can be problematic).

The claim that human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) can be targeted by engineering the exquisitely fine-tuned  Cas+gRNA systems in the endogenous substrates of species from microbes to humans is a neo-Darwinian theory killer.
For that reason, the question arose: Why have microRNA biomarkers not been translated from bench to clinic? (1/17/19)
Evolutionists refuse to accept the fact the energy-dependent creation of microRNAs and the upregulation of microRNAs starts with creation of the sun. In the USA, the focus of research changed from the food energy-dependent upregulation of microRNAs to the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA caused by the downregulation of microRNAs.
Anyone who learns how autophagy and RNA interference protect organized genomes from viruses will suggest that the Trump administration replace Gottlieb with someone else who knows. Hopefully, the next FDA Commissioner will know enough about how microRNA biogenesis is linked to the genesis of all biodiversity. That would allow the next commissioner to focus on targeting human endogenous retroviruses with nutritional interventions.
That would encourage others to do the minimal amount of investigative journalism, which is required to report what is happening in the USA via the FDA.  The investigation might show how corrupt the practice of medicine can be. Minimally, it would end the pseudoscientific nonsense touted by neo-Darwinian theorists who link the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA from mutations to evolution.
See for comparison: Energy as information and constrained endogenous RNA interference

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