Polymaths United with Creationists (1)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: November 2, 2019

Polymaths United with Creationists – in this Universe (PUC-U)
Unofficial membership requires pseudoscientists, libtards, and Democrats to abandon their ridiculous theories and prepare for the full membership benefits awarded to intelligent people, including all serious scientists.

Neo-Darwinian theorists, Big Bang cosmologists, and members of ISIS or other terrorist groups will be denied unofficial and/or official membership for obvious reasons. For example see Lipid Encapsulation of Self-Replicating Ribozymes.  –Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones, a self-proclaimed “Nurse, Biologist” admitted to membership in ISIS after he challenged the overwhelming accumulation of experimental evidence that was subsequently placed into this accurate representation of biophysically constrained viral latency and healthy longevity.

See: Genome-Wide Study Reveals a Novel Regulatory Pathway: Translation Affects mRNA Stability in a Codon-Dependent Manner 6/26/19 

See also: The Bull Sperm MicroRNAome and the Effect of Fescue Toxicosis on Sperm MicroRNA Expression 12/2/14

MicroRNA present in mature sperm appears to not only be left over from spermatogenic processes, but may actually serve important regulatory roles in fertilization and early developmental processes. Further, our results indicate the possibility that environmental changes may impact the expression of specific miRNA.

Moving forward towards microRNA-mediated World Peace

Reports from last week claimed that the leader of ISIS was killed. That claim helps to establish what may be a more important role that is being played by domestic terrorists.

For example atheists, secular humanists, and proponents of Intelligent Design are akin to domestic terrorists who threaten our longevity and the survival of all nations that share their faith in Abrahamic religions. The domestic terrorists have helped to prevent intelligent people from learning that claims of neo-Darwinian evolution and claims linked to Big Bang cosmology are false claims.

The scientific truth starts with the fact that the anti-entropic virucidal energy of sunlight did not create itself billions of years ago. Indeed, all polymaths start with God’s Creation of sunlight and water. They link Creation to oxygen-dependent ecological adaptations in all organisms on Earth. They also link the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA from mutations to all pathology via what is known about the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction in anaerobic bacteria compared to aerobic bacteria.

If concerned citizens of all countries do not begin to collectively remove all the theories touted about the emergence of energy and mutation-driven evolution from further consideration, domestic terrorists may prevail against a common sense approach to World Peace.

Healthy longevity and World Peace is the official goal of PUC-U, which is why our motto will be “PUC-U Theorists.”

Competing endogenous RNA crosstalk at system level 11/1/19

These results suggest that, besides their repressive role, miRNAs mediate a weak but resilient and context-independent network of cross-regulatory interactions that interconnect the transcriptome, stabilize expression levels and support system-level responses.

Author summary (with my emphasis)

…miRNA-mediated couplings constitute a highly interconnected regulatory layer with robust interaction patterns that contribute to the stabilization of expression levels and allow for tunable system-level responses to specific signals. As some of these features are encoded, to a large degree, in the network’s topology, natural selection appears to have favored the evolution of this “soft mode” of cross-regulation between RNAs.

For an example of how the acronym can effectively be used, tell these biological uninformed science idiots who are touting natural selection and evolution, “PUC-U!”

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