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By: James V. Kohl | Published on: February 13, 2020

Oded Rechavi bastardized the works of all serious scientists by representing energy-dependent biophysically constrained RNA interference (RNAi) as RNA inheritance, which he, and others like him, link to neo-Darwinian pseudoscientific nonsense about evolution.
The energy that is required to biophysically constrain RNA interference is left out of ridiculous theories. Facts require the Creation and fixation of amino acid substitutions.
Rechavi blocked me from seeing his Tweets on 7/27/18 after I exposed his nonsense via a link to the “…technique that confirmed that amino acids were encoded by a sequence of three nucleotides and revealed the triplet code of ambiguous amino acids.”
Fixation of one amino acid substitution, EDAR V370A, in human populations from the Old World to the New World biophysically constrains predictable viral latency.


… these results suggest it is possible to predict phase-separation properties based on amino acid sequences.” 6/28/18

That fact made it possible to predict that one amino acid substitution in a new coronavirus would wreak havoc on the political structure and social structure in Wuhan and elsewhere.

See for comparison: Genome-Wide Study Reveals a Novel Regulatory Pathway: Translation Affects mRNA Stability in a Codon-Dependent Manner (on demand)

Ariel Bazzini linked natural selection for the light-activated fixation of carbon from energy-dependent biophysical constraints on viral latency across kingdoms via the physiology of reproduction and the patent for RNA interference.

5. Repetitive elements or endogenous viral elements can be targeted with engineered Cas+gRNA systems in microbes, plants, animals, or human cells to reduce deleterious transposition or to aid in sequencing or other analytic genomic/transcriptomic/proteomic/diagnostic tools (in which nearly identical copies can be problematic).

If not for biologically uninformed science idiots, like Oded Rechavi, others would have linked the works of the late, Eshel Ben-Jacob to patented cures for cancer and all other virus-driven pathology via the concepts of energy-as-information and hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution.

See also: MicroRNA-based regulation of… fate determination
Thank God, biophysicist Catherine G. Triandafillou and others have since linked Cellular sensing by phase separation to every aspect of biophysically constrained RNA-mediated cell type differentiation.
The extraordinary sensitivity of our sense of smell clearly links the process of phase separation to the requirement to meet the entire range range of sensory challenges that  different cell types encounter.
See: Transient intracellular acidification regulates the core transcriptional heat shock response 12/22/19
The levels of complexity were linked from differences in pH to differences in GM rice vs non-GM wheat and coronavirus pathology or pH-dependent constraints via Identification of a redox-dependent regulatory network of miRNAs and their targets in wheat

This relationship together with bioinformatics modelling of the regulatory network indicated glutathione-related redox control of miRNAs and their targets, which allows the adjustment of the metabolism to changing environmental conditions…

The adjustments are energy-dependent and microRNA-mediated. It makes no sense to keep trying to put the Creation of energy as information back into the context of evolution by ignoring the facts about microRNAs from ~98,000 published works.
There were 50 more additions today. These were included:
MicroRNA-206 predicts raised fetal growth retardation risk through the interaction with vascular endothelial growth factor in pregnancies.
A Requirement for Argonaute 4 in Mammalian Antiviral Defense.
How to Perform miRacles: A Step-by-Step microRNA Detection Protocol Using DNA Nanoswitches.
Brain microRNAs associated with late-life depressive symptoms are also associated with cognitive trajectory and dementia.
MicroRNA-183 in Cancer Progression.
Modulation of Keap1/Nrf2/ARE Signaling Pathway by Curcuma- and Garlic-Derived Hybrids.
Common and Unique microRNAs in Multiple Carcinomas Regulate Similar Network of Pathways to Mediate Cancer Progression.
Association of miR-27aA>G, miR-423C>a, miR-449bA>G, and miR-604A>G Polymorphisms with Risk of Recurrent Implantation Failure.

…we set the aim of this study to identify whether polymorphisms in miRNAs that miR-27aA>G, miR-423C>A, miR-449bA>G, and miR-604A>G are risk factors for idiopathic recurrent implantation failure (RIF) in Korean women. Genotyping was assessed…

Genotypes are energy-dependent and biophysically constrained by the physiology of reproduction.
Expression and Methylation Pattern of hsa-miR-34 Family in Sperm Samples of Infertile Men.
MiR-let-7a/f-CCR7 signaling is involved in the anti-metastatic effects of an herbal formula comprising Sophorae Flos and Lonicerae Japonicae Flos in melanoma.
For comparison to everything known to serious scientists about energy-dependent microRNA-mediated cause and effect, see comments on conference presentations during Oded Rechavi’s

Physiological irrelevant conference

Use this hashtag on Twitter to see even more examples of human idiocy: #physiologicalirrelevantconference
Welcome to “The Woodstock of Biology” · Tel-Aviv, February 13-14, 2020

“A highly interdisciplinary conference that would build a community of scientists driven by curiosity. In essence, a conference that’s an embodiment of sci-twitter culture.”

If you know an intelligent serious scientist who is attending to learn more about physiologically irrelevant theories, please tell me who it is.

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