The microRNA-mediated future of humanity (10)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: May 10, 2020

Does WHO believe “experts” who failed to link God’s Creation of the light-activated Calvin Cycle to biophysically constrained viral latency in species from microbes to humans via the Creation of water and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, which has been linked across all kingdoms on Earth to effective treatment of COVID-19 pathology with remdesivir?

Calvin Cycle

Illustration. The Calvin cycle is a process that plants and algae use to turn carbon dioxide from the air into sugar, the food autotrophs need to grow.

The Calvin cycle is a part of photosynthesis, the process plants and other autotrophs use to create nutrients from sunlight and carbon dioxide. The process was first identified by American biochemist Dr. Melvin Calvin in 1957.

ATP is the energy that comes from light reactions, which have been linked to microRNA biogenesis, see also: microRNA

A microRNA (abbreviated miRNA) is a small non-coding RNA molecule (containing about 22 nucleotides) found in plants, animals and some viruses, that functions in RNA silencing and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression.[1][2][3] miRNAs function via base-pairing with complementary sequences within mRNA molecules.[4] As a result, these mRNA molecules are silenced, by one or more of the following processes: (1) Cleavage of the mRNA strand into two pieces, (2) Destabilization of the mRNA through shortening of its poly(A) tail, and (3) Less efficient translation of the mRNA into proteins by ribosomes.[4][5]

The light-activated creation of ATP and microRNA biogenesis can be linked to biophysically constrained viral latency across kingdoms via naturally occurring RNA interference.

Moving forward. See: Persistent Infection of Simian Foamy Virus Derived from the Japanese Macaque Leads to the High-Level Expression of microRNA that Resembles the miR-1 microRNA Precursor Family 1/23/20.

The biophysically constrained persistent infections with viruses are why We shouldn’t worry when a virus mutates during disease outbreaks (2/18/20).

It is obvious that light-activated nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled microRNA-mediated ecological adaptations biophysically constrain virus-driven pathology across kingdoms.

We should worry about the reassembly of viruses and viral fragments in vaccines because they prevent the light-activated energy-dependent microRNA-mediated ecological adaptations that biophysically constrain virus-driven pathology across kingdoms.
See: Viruses Can Scatter Their Genes Among Cells and Reassemble 5/21/19
Vax-pushers should worry if they know they caused the coronavirus crisis by developing the high dose influenza vaccine, which probably made it less likely that those who are age 65+ could adapt to a new virus. If the vax-pushers give people enough conflicting information, the vax-pushers are safe.
But wait. What will happen when people learn that remdesivir acts on the light activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex, which biophysically constrains human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) such as HIV, which is consistent with the claims of Dr. Judy Mikovits and many other experts who understand energy-dependent coherently organized biology?
Download and read the free book: “Plague of Corruption
Alternatively, wait to see, as promoted, the: Plandemic Documentary
The fact that President Donald J. Trump’s scientific advisor KB Whaley linked quantum coherence to light-activated microRNA-mediated coherently organized biology at every level of investigation became more important to those who learned how to link physics and chemistry to molecular epigenetics and healthy longevity.
See: A Two-Amino Acid Change in the Hemagglutinin of the 1918 Influenza Virus Abolishes Transmission
Ages 10-14+ can now predict the 2020 Presidential election results via game play of:
Virus Expansion
If “Genotype” is released on schedule (October 2020), President Donald J. Trump can complete his attempt to drain the academic swamp by linking Darwin’s energy-dependent “conditions of life” to Mendel’s examples of all light-activated Genotypes in the context of Biblical Genesis via the food energy-dependent physiology of reproduction, which biophysically constrains viral latency via the transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of morphological and behavioral traits.
Indeed, anyone who learns how light-activated fixation of RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions has been linked to sympatric speciation except in prokaryotes will see that the light of ecologically adapted biodiversity is Dobzhansky’s so-called “light of evolution.”
See for instance: Combating Evolution to Fight Disease 3/7/14

The evolutionary biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky famously noted that “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution,” but perhaps, too, “nothing in evolution makes sense except in the light of biology.” Although the latter might be an exaggeration, an important gap is being filled by molecular understanding of the genesis of variation that confers the ability to evolve.

The ability to ecologically adapt is light-activated, and the Creation of sunlight and water biophysically constrains that ability.
But see for comparison:  Interview with John C. Martin 5/5/20

The former CEO of Gilead Sciences tells us about remdesivir, an older drug showing promise in the fight against COVID-19.

This is more pro-Fauci propaganda designed to obfuscate the fact that Tamiflu and remdesivir act on the same molecular mechanisms that link God’s ATP-dependent creation of RNA from RNA interference to biophysically constrained HIV and coronavirus latency.

John C. Martin is pictured holding a bottle of a Truvada.
See also: Gilead says ‘Step up for PrEP’ in Descovy’s first HIV prevention campaign 2/10/20

The TV ad notes that Descovy is “from the makers of Truvada, a new PrEP option.” The older med is expected to face generic competition later this year, but Chris Freeman, Gilead’s vice president of U.S. sales and marketing for HIV treatment and prevention, said switching patients wasn’t a primary driver for the new campaign.


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