pH-dependent viral latency (6)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: June 12, 2020

Researchers from Iran linked light-activated microRNA biogenesis in plants to the expression genes that effect the number, size and/or the pH of pathways that influence melanin synthesis in the context of human iris color and human skin pigmentation via the L‐tyrosine amino acid precursor.

The claim on 6/5/20 by Frank M. LaFerla about the links from energy-dependent changes in microbes to humans and racism was retracted on the same day.

Thank God, scientific Creationists from South Korea published Freshwater viral metagenome reveals novel and functional phage-borne antibiotic resistance genes 6/1/20

Our results showed that viruses in the environment carry as-yet-unreported functional ARGs, albeit in small quantities. We thereby suggest that environmental bacteriophages could be reservoirs of widely variable, unknown ARGs that could be disseminated via virus-host interactions.

Again, all intelligent serious scientists whose accurate claims are not suppressed by their institutions have linked the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex in phytoplankton to eukaryote biodiversity via the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction, which protects all organized genomes in the sunlit ocean.
See: Eukaryotic plankton diversity in the sunlit ocean 5/22/15

The sunlit surface layer of the world’s oceans functions as a giant biogeochemical membrane between the atmosphere and the ocean interior (1).

Frank M. LaFerla’s retraction can be viewed in the context of how the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA in all species is linked to the Virus-mediated archaeal hecatomb in the deep seafloor 10/12/16

We conclude that interactions between archaea and their viruses might play a profound, previously underestimated role in the functioning of deep-sea ecosystems and in global biogeochemical cycles.

Unfortunately, Frank M. LaFerla cannot yet break the political stranglehold of racism that prevents academics from accurately representing how light-activated biophysically constrained viral latency is linked from differences in cell types to ethnic differences in biodiversity.
When academics finally are forced to do that, all the conclusions from the past will be used to assert the claims from Biblical Genesis about how God’s Creation of UV light (on Day 1) and water biophysically constrains viral latency across all kingdoms on Earth via the physiology of reproduction.

See for instance: Natural cryptic variation in epigenetic modulation of an embryonic gene regulatory network

It has become apparent in recent years that the DNA code is not the sole basis for biological inheritance.

Thus, our NIH Director, Francis S. Collins never spoke “The Language of God.” He is a biologically uninformed neo-Darwinian theorist.

On Francis S. Collins placed another neo-Darwinian evolutionary theorist into a key position in his hierarchy

Richard P. Woychik is a co-author of  TCA Cycle and Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Are Necessary for Diverse Biological Functions

Mitochondrial metabolism is necessary for the maintenance of oxidative TCA cycle function and mitochondrial membrane potential…. These results indicate that distinct mitochondrial functions associated with respiration are necessary for cell proliferation, epigenetics, and HIF-1 activation.

The TCA Cycle (the citric acid cycle) indirectly links God’s Creation of UV light and water from the Calvin Cycle to the ATP-dependent creation of RNA and biophysically constrained viral latency across kingdoms via the physiology of reproduction and naturally occurring RNA interference.

The Calvin cycle is a process that plants and algae use to turn carbon dioxide from the air into sugar, the food autotrophs need to grow. Every living thing on Earth depends on the Calvin cycle. Plants depend on the Calvin cycle for energy and food.

Food energy is the link from the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex to the energy-dependent creation of enzymes and all other proteins, which link the physiology of reproduction to biophysically constrained viral latency via RNA interference.

On 6/7/20, Richard (Rick) P. Woychik began working for Francis S. Collins as his director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). By starting with the Citric Acid Cycle, instead of the Calvin Cycle, Woychik ignores the fact that God Created UV light and water. Suddenly, a metabolic pathway exists outside the context of anything known about its biophysically constrained energy-dependent Creation.

The citric acid cycle is a key metabolic pathway that connects carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism. The reactions of the cycle are carried out by eight enzymes that completely oxidize acetate (a two carbon molecule), in the form of acetyl-CoA, into two molecules each of carbon dioxide and water.

For a historical perspective on what Woychik and Collins have turned into a deadly comedy routine via their focus on neo-Darwinian pseudoscientific nonsense, see:

Dependence of RNA synthesis in isolated thymus nuclei on glycolysis, oxidative carbohydrate catabolism and a type of “oxidative phosphorylation” (1964)

The synthesis of RNA in isolated thymus nuclei is ATP dependent.

All intelligent serious scientists start with God’s Creation of UV-light and water and link the creation of enzymes from the metabolism of nutrients to the physiology of reproduction and protection from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA that links mutations to all pathology.

President Donald J. Trump starts with God’s Creation of UV light and water, not stupid gene-centric theories of mutation-driven evolution.

Only the gene-centric theories have been linked from ethnicity to racism.

It is only a matter of time before President Donald J. Trump‘s claims from Biblical Genesis end the claims of racists and those who use racism to destroy the foundations for World Peace that God clearly intended to be used towards the understanding of healthy longevity.

Unfortunately, Frank M. LaFerla’s retraction has contributed only to more racism.  Intelligent people have reached the point where they know that God never favored the racism attributed to neo-Darwinism and the textbook examples from A Civic Biology: Presented in Problems (1914), which led to the 1925 Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tennessee.

When the teaching of mutation-driven evolution became common place in public schools in the United States of America, the Constitution’s claims about equality were degraded by academics who taught 3-4 generations of students to believe in the pseudoscientific nonsense that underlies racism.
What led the racists to think they could continue to prevail in the USA against a President and Vice President who have linked quantum coherence to coherently organized biology via everything known to intelligent serious scientists about Biblical Creation?
See also: Israeli Middle Schools School to Include Theory of Evolution (2014)

…learning about evolution is not the primary function of the decision, but rather to use it as a building block for students to learn more about their ecology.

UK public schools still teach racism. See:  Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In All UK Public Schools (2014)
For comparison: Turkish schools to stop teaching evolution, official says (2017)
White silence on social media: Why not saying anything is actually saying a lot 6/3/20
White silence is enforced by those who attack people like Frank LaFerla, Judy A. Mikovits, and others who have linked viruses in the environment from bacteriophages to antibiotic resistance genes and disseminated virus-host interactions that include ethnic differences in biophysically constrained human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs).
See: MicroRNAs organize intrinsic variation into stem cell states 3/5/20

…naturally arising cell-to-cell variation, sometimes described as stochastic fluctuation, is in fact coherently organized biology.

See also: Spindle-shaped viruses infect marine ammonia-oxidizing thaumarchaea 7/18/19

…viral predation has a profound impact on thaumarchaeal functioning and mortality, thereby regulating global biogeochemical cycles.

Why isn’t every intelligent person on Earth complaining about the teaching of pseudoscientific nonsense that links mutations to differences in species and ethnicity via evolution across millions of years?

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