The tipping point (revisited): 110K (2)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: October 22, 2020

Democrats seem to believe that President Trump’s claims about UV light and humidity have not been linked from the end of the COVID-19 nonsense to the end of their party, the end of Communism, the end of atheism, the end of racism and the end of all the liberal BS.
Is the link from God’s Creation of UV light and water to ATP-dependent oxidative phosphorylation not perfectly clear to all intelligent people?
See for review: From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior (1996)

Small intranuclear proteins also participate in generating alternative splicing techniques of pre-mRNA and, by this mechanism, contribute to sexual differentiation in at least two species, Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans (Adler and Hajduk, 1994; de Bono, Zarkower, and Hodgkin, 1995; Ge, Zuo, and Manley, 1991; Green, 1991; Parkhurst and Meneely, 1994; Wilkins, 1995; Wolfner, 1988). That similar proteins perform functions in humans suggests the possibility that some human sex differences may arise from alternative splicings of otherwise identical genes.

RNA splicing capability of live neuronal dendrites 11/15/05

Unspliced or incompletely spliced pre-mRNAs are often sequestered in the nucleus, yet removal of introns by splicing, in many cases, is not essential for mRNA export from the nucleus (1116). It is believed that some viral mRNAs and alternatively spliced mRNAs are likely exported to the cytosol as intron-retaining transcripts (4).

Proper nutrition and pheromone-regulated genetic processes of reproduction were linked  to biophysically constrained viral latency in: Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model 6/14/13

The role of the microRNA/messenger RNA balance (Breen, Kemena, Vlasov, Notredame, & Kondrashov, 2012; Duvarci, Nader, & LeDoux, 2008; Griggs et al., 2013; Monahan & Lomvardas, 2012) in adaptive evolution will certainly be discussed in published works that will follow.

Update:  The role of miR-128-3p through MAPK14 activation in the apoptosis of GC2 spermatocyte cell line following heat stress 10/22/20

Downregulated miR-128-3p expression induces the apoptosis and inhibits the proliferation of spermatogenic cells by promoting MAPK14 phosphorylation.

Oxidative phosphorylation biophysically constrains viral latency. That fact is the key to understanding ethnicity and understanding the racism of Democrats who failed to link Darwin’s “conditions of life” to the end of claims about lower races in A Civic Biology: Presented in Problems (1914)
See: The Scopes Trial: The Textbook

The Races of Man. – At the present time there exist upon the earth five races or varieties of man, each very different from the other in instincts, social customs, and, to an extent, in structure. These are the Ethiopian or negro type, originating in Africa; the Malay or brown race, from the islands of the Pacific; the American Indian; the Mongolian or yellow race, including the natives of China, Japan, and the Eskimos; and finally, the highest race type of all, the Caucasians, represented by the civilized white inhabitants of Europe and America.”

The Democrats use of censorship and conditioning, akin to that from  Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” to control human populations, has become a central feature to be examined in the context of the 2020 US Presidential election.
For a historical perspective on what some people also call gaslighting, see:
Kalevi Kull: Censorship & Royal Society Evo Event 7/3/16

Nobody wants to belong to the party of losers. One of the best strategies in such a case is evidently an interpretation of the change as a gradual accumulation of knowledge while their work has always been at the cutting edge. — Kalevi Kull

On 11/3/20, Democrats, liberals, Communists, and other atheists will belong to the party of losers if other researchers examine these reports from yesterday. Each report attests in one way or another to the fact that “We are what we eat!” Collectively, they attest to the fact that the metabolism of what we eat to species specific pheromones links the transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of phenotypes and genotypes from ethnicity to all biodiversity.
Interplay between C-type lectin receptors and microRNAs in cellular homeostasis and immune response 10/21/20

Any dysregulations in the miRNA-CLR axes may lead to tumorigenesis or inflammatory diseases…we present an overview…of the central role of miRNAs in the regulation of…homeostasis and immunity, and… therapeutics against immune disorders.

miR-150 regulates glucose utilization through targeting GLUT4 in insulin-resistant cardiomyocytes 10/21/20

Deregulation of miR-150 downregulated the protein and mRNA levels of glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4)… as assessed by western blot, real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR), and therefore might be a new therapeutic target for metabolic diseases…

 Aging-Associated miR-217 Aggravates Atherosclerosis and Promotes Cardiovascular Dysfunction 8/27/20

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small noncoding RNA molecules that fine-tune cellular homeostasis…

Commentary on 10/21/20
microRNA-146a controls age-related bone loss 10/21/20
…we identify microRNA-146a (miR-146a) as an essential epigenetic switch controlling bone loss with age… [It] might be a powerful therapeutic target to prevent age-related bone dysfunctions such as… bone marrow adiposity and osteoporosis.
Epigenetic alternations of microRNAs and DNA methylation contribute to gestational diabetes mellitus 10/21/20

This study indicated a series of aberrantly methylated‐differentially expressed genes that are associated with epigenetic alternations of miRNAs and DNA methylation in GDM.

Mitochondrial microRNA (MitomiRs) in cancer and complex mitochondrial diseases: current status and future perspectives 10/21/20

…mitomiRs…regulate mitochondrial gene expression and function….different biological processes-mitochondrial dynamics, oxidative stress, cell metabolism, chemoresistance, apoptosis…metabolic diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, and cancer.

Nelumbo nucifera leaf polyphenol extract and gallic acid inhibit TNF-α-induced vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration involving the regulation of miR-21, miR-143 and miR-145 10/21/20
N. nucifera leaf polyphenol extract and its active ingredient gallic acid alter the Ras pathway and increase the microRNA-mediated expression of phosphatase, tensin homolog kinase suppressor of Ras 2, and inducible nitric oxide synthase.
Identification of key sequence features required for microRNA biogenesis in plants 10/21/20

…changes in the identity of specific nucleotides can increase or abolish miRNA biogenesis. Most conspicuously, our analysis revealed that the identity of the nucleotides at unpaired positions of the precursor plays a crucial role during miRNA biogenesis in Arabidopsis.

Simply put, it’s all about UV light-activated microRNA biogenesis, hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution and pH-dependent changes, which biophysically constrain viral latency across kingdoms via the physiology of reproduction and Biblical Genesis.

See for comparison Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder Challenges the Evidence for Cosmological Fine-Tuning 10/16/20

…her universe-generating mechanism would require fine-tuning to ensure the biasing that would allow her to explain away fine-tuning in our universe. In summary, Hossenfelder’s criticisms represent no serious challenge to the fine-tuning argument.


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