microRNA-mediated quantum error correction (4)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: October 27, 2020

I’ve posted presentation abstract submissions here because I anticipated they would not be selected for presentation.
See: UV light, H2O, and epigenetic effects… (1) 9/25/20
Submitted by James V. Kohl on 9/25/20 for presentation during the Epigenetics – From Bench to Clinic session: RNA modifications and epitranscriptomics​​ Moderator Tony Kouzarides


Theorists who ignore the role of nutrition in biophysically constrained viral latency are largely to blame for all extant diseases. 21 See for instance: The Secret Language of Cells: A New Paradigm for Understanding Health and Disease. 22 See for comparison: MicroRNAs: Genomics, Biogenesis, Mechanism, and Function. 23

See also: Optoribogenetic-driven sympatric speciation (1)

Submitted by James V. Kohl on 9/30/20 for presentation during the Epigenetics – From Bench to Clinic session: Polycomb and chromatin remodeling
Concluding sentence:

Simply put, food energy and pheromone-controlled reproduction are required for survival of species from microbes to humans whether the term microRNA or pre-mRNA is used.

Dear James,

Thank you for submitting two talk abstracts for the Epigenetics – From Bench to Clinic series of events taking place throughout November.

The demand for short talk presentations has far exceeded the number of places available and unfortunately your abstract has not been selected on this occasion.

We hope you will enjoy attending the sessions and look forward to seeing you at the event!

Best wishes,

Abcam Events Team

Moving forward: See the 7-part series: Predicting who wins the 2017 Nobel Prizes (7)

The biggest threat to humanity is not the “Big Bang” theory of creation or the “Big Bang” theory of how life on Earth might end after an explosion of cosmic proportions. The biggest threat has always been “human idiocy.”

For examples of human idiocy, see anything published by any researcher or any research group that failed to link God’s Creation of UV light and water from oxidative phosphorylation to optoribogenetic-driven sympatric speciation via Optoribogenetic control of regulatory RNA molecules 9/24/20

This optoribogenetic approach extends to various shRNA and miR molecules for the investigation of dynamic biological processes by light, e.g., the relationship of proliferation and differentiation of neuronal stem cells, which depends on the progression of the cell cycle43. Additionally, optoribogenetic approaches may contribute to the understanding of dynamic micro RNA and protein functions that remain challenging to be resolved with the currently available methodologies.

See also the link from optoribogenetics to helioribogenetics in which the energy for food production comes from God’s Creation of sunlight:


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[…] See first: microRNA-mediated quantum error correction (4) […]

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