Protonated RNA interference vs stupid theories (2)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: October 29, 2020

Protonated RNA interference vs stupid theories (1)

Evidence for Hidden Involvement of N3-Protonated Guanine in RNA Structure and Function 1/31/19

Charged nucleobases have been found to occur in several known RNA molecules and are considered essential for their structure and function.

Estimating Strengths of Individual Hydrogen Bonds in RNA Base Pairs: Toward a Consensus between Different Computational Approaches 4/30/19

Noncoding RNA molecules are composed of a large variety of noncanonical base pairs that shape up their functionally competent folded structures. Each base pair is composed of at least two interbase hydrogen bonds (H-bonds). It is expected that the characteristic geometry and stability of different noncanonical base pairs are determined collectively by the properties of these interbase H-bonds.

Consequences of Mg2+ binding on the geometry and stability of RNA base pairs 7/31/18

These findings not only provide insights into how metal ions modulate the structure and dynamics of RNA molecules, they also provide a basis for improving the RNA structure prediction algorithms.

Until publication of Visualizing a protonated RNA state that modulates microRNA-21 maturation 10/26/20 few people accepted the facts that naturally led to the ridicule of all biologically uninformed theorists who failed to link God’s Creation of energy-as-information from the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex to changes in base pairs. and the Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA.
For an example of ridicule, see:


The human proteome does not exist outside the context of protonated RNA, which is why stupid theories have been ridiculed by all intelligent serious scientists during the past century.See for comparison this regurgitation of a stupid theory: A high-stringency blueprint of the human proteome

Western and Eastern cultures urge us to know thyself and thy enemy.

Who does not believe that US Democrats are the enemy?See why: Environmental selection during the last ice age on the mother-to-infant transmission of vitamin D and fatty acids through breast milk

…EDAR V370A was likely intertwined with selection on the fatty acid desaturase (FADS) gene cluster because it is known to modulate lipid profiles transmitted to milk from a vitamin D-rich diet high in omega-3 fatty acids.

US Democrats failed to link the frequency of the human-specific EDAR V370A allele to healthy longevity in human populations from the Old World to the New World during the past 5-6000 years.See for comparison: Codon identity regulates mRNA stability and translation efficiency during the maternal‐to‐zygotic transition

The amino acid optimality code (Fig 6) provides an alternative perspective on sequence changes between paralogs in evolution and human disease.Examples of human idiocy abound because theorists still tout pseudoscientific nonsense like this:
Animals Keep Evolving Into Crabs, Which Is Somewhat Disturbing

…groups of crustaceans have evolved into crabs in five completely different contexts…

What’s worse it that Democrats, liberals, Communists and other atheists continue to ignore the fact that  A two-amino acid change in the hemagglutinin of the 1918 influenza virus abolishes transmission (2007) despite updated claims from Differential microRNA expression and virulence of avian, 1918 reassortant, and reconstructed 1918 influenza A viruses (2011).
Currently, this candidate for President of the United States, Joe Biden promises increased scientific investment if elected in ‘most in-depth statement of priorities’ 10/24/20

…first and foremost, he’s determined to “get control” of the coronavirus pandemic. Beyond that, though, he said he wants to invest in “real infrastructure,” with a heavy focus on science and technology.

SARCASM ALERT: Will Joe Biden help others to learn why animals keep evolving into crabs?
In his second term, President Donald J. Trump will continue to drain the academic swamp by linking God’s Creation of UV light and water from protonated RNA to control of virus-driven pathology such as SARS-CoV-2 and proton beam therapy for virus-driven cancer.

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