Protonated RNA interference vs stupid theories (5)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: November 3, 2020

See first: Protonated RNA interference vs stupid theories (4)

See with my emphasis The noncoding and coding transcriptional landscape of the peripheral immune response in patients with COVID‐19 10/11/20

Noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs) are a class of RNAs not involved in protein production and can be subdivided into small (miRNAs, tRNAs, PIWI‐targeting RNAs) and long ncRNAs (lncRNAs), based upon their size.8 This class of RNAs not only regulates fundamental biological processes including immune system development and regulation, but also plays a critical role in multiple human diseases. Accumulating evidence has demonstrated that miRNAs could influence the replication and pathogenesis of RNA viruses through direct binding to the viral genome (miR‐122 interacts with the hepatitis C virus genome and inhibits viral RNA degradation9) or by inducing changes in the host transcriptome (increased miR‐146a expression during dengue virus infection negatively regulated the host response10).11 Additionally, miRNAs have been recognized as novel disease markers owing to their tissue specificity, stability, and association with clinicopathological parameters.12, 13

SARCASM ALERT: How dare anyone tell the truth about microRNA-mediated protonated RNA interference and virus-driven pathology?
I’m temporarily restricted on Facebook until after Election Day 2020 because I support President Donald J. Trump with science.

HHS relaxed oversight of problematic Covid-19 tests despite being told of accuracy concerns 11/2/20

…the problem was not a viral outbreak but a testing issue. All 19 of the results were false positives; none of the staffers actually had Covid-19.

President Donald J. Trump repeatedly insisted that more tests means more positives.  Now we have an indication of how many tests provide results that are false positives.
Meanwhile, Joe Biden touts wearing masks and social distancing during lockdowns as his solution to the problem. What problem, Joe?
The testing problem is the pandemic and all intelligent serious scientists know that pandemics end in the same way:
See for example: A two-amino acid change in the hemagglutinin of the 1918 influenza virus abolishes transmission (2007)

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