Impeaching the God of Abraham (4)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: February 22, 2021

Apple Peel and Flesh Contain Pro-neurogenic Compounds 2/11/21

…mammals evolved with exposure to particular diets…

How could theorists continue to miss the obvious connection from light-activated plant growth to food energy, microRNA-mediated viral latency, and healthy longevity?
See: MicroRNAs organize intrinsic variation into stem cell states 3/5/20

…naturally arising cell-to-cell variation, sometimes described as stochastic fluctuation, is in fact coherently organized biology.

See also: Feedback loops link odor and pheromone signaling with reproduction 11/18/05

Indications that GnRH peptide plays an important role in the control of sexual behaviors suggest that pheromone effects on these behaviors might also involve GnRH neurons.

Researchers who failed to link God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity to microRNA-mediated effects on the GnRH neurons that link epigenetic effects on hormones to the affects of hormones on behavior failed to link effect of stress from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA to all pathology across kingdoms.
Even most atheists have now linked the tightly controlled food energy-dependent sustained production of Type I interferons (IFNs) to the host defense against invading pathogens.
See: microRNA-induced translational control of antiviral immunity by the cap-binding protein 4EHP 2/12/21

This study highlights an intrinsic regulatory function for miRNA and the translation machinery in maintaining host homeostasis.

• The cap-binding protein 4EHP is critical in dampening antiviral immunity
• 4EHP mediates miR-34a-induced IFN-β repression to mitigate its antiviral effect
• miR-34a induction by IFN-β upon virus infection engenders a negative feedback loop

It has become obvious that RNA virus infection prompts the microRNA-34a-induced translational silencing of Ifnb1 mRNA, which links changes in the microRNA/messenger RNA balance to a a negative feedback regulatory mechanism that represses IFN-β expression via 4EHP.
If the RNA virus infection is not suppressed, sustained production of IFNs is detrimental to the host, as it provokes autoimmune diseases. That fact places food energy-dependent pheromone-regulated genetic processes of biophysically constrained viral latency into the proper context, which lies outside the context of neo-Darwinian evolution.
Examples of how microRNAs mediate the translation machinery to maintain host homeostasis appear in nearly  116,000 indexed publications on the PubMed database..
Taken together, the findings demonstrate what Schrodinger (1944) and others who have started with God’s Creation of the sun’s anti-entropic virucidal energy have claimed.
For example, see: Reduced expression of brain-enriched microRNAs in glioblastomas permits targeted regulation of a cell death gene 9/14/11

…these results provide an in-depth analysis of miRNA dysregulation in glioblastoma and demonstrate the potential utility of these data in the design of miRNA-regulated therapies for the treatment of brain cancers.

Ask: “Why did it take nearly an entire decade to link microRNAs to Construction of a competitive endogenous RNA network and analysis of potential regulatory axis targets in glioblastoma 2/14/21

These findings clarify the role of the ceRNA regulatory network in glioblastoma and provide a foundation for further research.

It seems likely that neo-Darwinian theorists and Big Bang cosmologists bastardized everything known to intelligent serious scientists with their attempts to keep the biologically uninformed masses focused on stupid theories.

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