Quantum Darwinism (6)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: April 18, 2021

Learn how sunlight and humidity link photosynthesis from construction of the cell wall  to biophysically constrained viral latency via God’s ATP-dependent Creation of RNA.

For links from the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex across kingdoms via the Creation of enzymes see:
Castration increases and androgens decrease nitric oxide synthase activity in the brain: physiologic implications (2000) and Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent or Embryonic Stem Cells Decreases the DNA Damage Repair by Homologous Recombination (2017)

The nitric oxide (NO)-cyclic GMP pathway contributes to human stem cell differentiation

For missing links from the pheromone-regulated genetic processes of stem cell creation to biophysically constrained viral latency and healthy human longevity see.
Maturation of neural mechanisms and the pubertal process in Control of the Onset of Puberty (1990) by Roger A. Gorski

While photoperiodic cues and pheromones play an important role in some species, they do not in the human being.

For an update, see: Selfish X-linked alleles and X chromosome inactivation11/6/17
I met Roger Gorski in 1995 and we discussed the link to pheromone-controlled sexual differentiation of cell types in species from yeasts to primates.
I think he knew how difficult it would be to teach others the facts after contradicting himself.  We shared some laughs about widely touted misconceptions about human pheromones long before anyone heard about quantum Darwinism.
I told him about this:
Gibbons, D.L. (1989) Unusual case: Sex in the woods. Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality, 23,10(Oct):63.

Cindy, who was menstruating… had gone alone to a portable commode hidden in a thicket to change her tampon, unaware that a young stag was nearby… Smelling her menstrual secretions, the deer became sexually aroused. He bounded through the trees and knocked Cindy to the ground. Then while prancing up and down with his forefoot on her shoulder, the sexually excited deer sprinkled her with semen.

The existence of mammalian pheromones is no joking matter, but this incident does give new meaning to the phrase “terms of endeerment.”
Roger Gorski agreed that the involvement of mammalian pheromones in sexual arousal should not be underestimated. He subsequently co-authored: Sexual experience interacts with steroid exposure to shape the partner preferences of rats (2002) and the monograph: Hypothalamic imprinting by gonadal steroid hormones (2002), which were linked to his history of publications on sexual differentiation of the mammalian brain.
Human pheromones alter hypothalamic imprinting via effects on luteinizing hormone that have repeatedly been linked to sex differences in behavior in mammals. That fact is still not accepted by many of the people who attended the conference where I met Roger A. Gorski. But their lack of acceptance can be viewed in the context of quantum Darwinism, which makes them look even more foolish than they were 25 years ago.

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