Quantum Darwinism (7)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: April 18, 2021

Critical role of microRNAs in host and influenza A (H1N1) virus interactions 4/13/21 predicts the end of social media censorship via the claims of former President Donald J. Trump on 4/23/20.

See:  Medical experts rip Trump’s suggestion that sunlight, disinfectants may treat coronavirus
This quote was subsequently removed from the USA Today article:

Jonathan Reiner, professor of medicine at The George Washington University Hospital, said there’s no medical basis for Trump’s statements about sunlight.

See for comparison The SARS-CoV-2 Spike variant D614G favors an open conformational state 4/16/21

A viral variant has recently emerged, carrying a single amino acid substitution in Spike at residue 614 from an aspartic acid (D) to a glycine (G) (D614G). This G-form (also referred to as G614) is now the globally prevalent form and is potentially more transmissible than the originally observed D-form (also referred to as D614) (5). It is associated with increased viral nucleic acid in the upper respiratory tract (5, 6), which potentially indicates more viruses attaching to ACE2 receptors and has higher infectivity in pseudotype virus assays in multiple cell types (5, 7).

Does anyone know where their love of God goes, when government subsidized academics lie about the fact that light-activated microRNA biogenesis prevents pathology in the context of Substitutions Near the Receptor Binding Site Determine Major Antigenic Change During Influenza Virus Evolution

Koel et al. (p. 976) show that major antigenic change can be caused by single amino acid substitutions.

How can the liars also consistently fail to report this: A two-amino acid change in the hemagglutinin of the 1918 influenza virus abolishes transmission
What more can be said about

“…a single amino acid substitution in Spike at residue 614 from an aspartic acid (D) to a glycine (G) (D614G).”

WHO doesn’t want you to know that one amino acid substitution in a seasonal coronavirus can cause another pandemic and that two amino acid substitutions in human hosts ended the 1918 influenza pandemic?
What do all public health fascists have in common? Does any one of them not hate former President Donald J. Trump for exposing their overwhelming ignorance or their deadly corruption?
See for instance: Natural selection acts on the quantum world 12/23/04 by Philip Ball for comparison to:

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