MicroRNA-mediated population control (3)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: July 29, 2021

See first: MicroRNA-mediated population control (2)

Theorists have not shown that any aspect of hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution (video) and peptide synthesis at the origin of life occurs outside the context of visualizing a protonated RNA state that modulates microRNA-21 maturation

For comparison, nearly 125,000 indexed published works link peptide synthesis at the origin of life to visualizing a protonated RNA state that modulates microRNA-21 maturation to biophysically constrained viral latency and healthy longevity across kingdoms from microbes to mammals.
See: microRNA
When placed into context by researchers who have linked God’s Creation of anti-entropic virucial energy to biophysically constrained viral latency via claims in MicroRNAs organize intrinsic variation into stem cell states and in MicroRNA Involvement in Signaling Pathways During Viral Infection, the claims of evolutionary theorists exemplify human idiocy.
On a day-to-day basis, publications that mention microRNAs (miRNA/miRNAs) exemplify human intelligence.
See:  Coilin enhances phosphorylation and stability of DGCR8 and promotes miRNA biogenesis 7/28/21

…our results implicate coilin as a member of the regulatory network governing miRNA biogenesis.

RNA modifications act as regulators of cell death 7/27/21

Recently, RNA modifications have been shown to have important roles in the regulation of cell death. Cell death is a critical process that maintains tissue homoeostasis and is regulated by multiple pathways in response to specific stimuli.

Abcam researchers made that discovery in the late 1990s. It was reported on 9/2/11 as: Reduced expression of brain-enriched microRNAs in glioblastomas permits targeted regulation of a cell death gene
Moving forward, see:
miR-1 coordinately regulates lysosomal v-ATPase and biogenesis to impact proteotoxicity and muscle function during aging 7/28/21

The v-ATPase is a multisubunit enzyme that acidifies the endolysosomal lumen to control a plethora of cellular activities. Acidification regulates protein trafficking, endocytic recycling, synaptic vesicle loading, and autophagy, as well as the activity of multiple acid hydrolases and nutrient and ion transporters.

Adjustment for energy intake in nutritional research: a causal inference perspective 7/27/21

Lack of awareness of the estimand differences and accuracy of the four modelling approaches may explain some of the apparent heterogeneity among existing nutritional studies and raise serious questions regarding the validity of meta-analyses where different estimands have been inappropriately pooled.

Stool microRNA profiles reflect different dietary and gut microbiome patterns in healthy individuals 7/27/21

Stool miRNA profiles are associated with specific diets and support the role of lipids as a driver of epigenetic changes and host-microbial molecular interactions in the gut.

Several miRNAs derived from serum extracellular vesicles are potential biomarkers for early diagnosis and progression of Parkinson’s disease 7/28/21

4 miRNAs were commonly associated with all stages of PD and 13 miRNAs were specifically associated with different stages of PD.

RNA editing affects cis-regulatory elements and predicts adverse cancer survival 7/28/21
TABLE 4 links light-activated carbon fixation from the Creation of enzymes, hormones and receptors to biophysically constrained viral latency via fixation of amino acid substitutions and chromosomal rearrangements across kingdoms.
Global identification and characterization of tRNA-derived RNA fragment landscapes across human cancers Published 10/19/20 Indexed 7/28/21

…endogenous tRNA-related fragments are biologically functional molecules rather than random degradation products of tRNAs. Biogenesis and discovery of tRFs as well as their potential roles in various biological processes have been further described in recent reviews (15–17).

Altered microRNA expression in COVID-19 patients enables identification of SARS-CoV-2 infection 7/28/21

The miRNA signature was shown to be robust in the ferret model of COVID-19 and could distinguish SARS-CoV-2 infection from seasonal influenza A infection. These findings suggest that miRNA profiling may be adopted to improve COVID-19 detection and patient management.

SARS-CoV-2 specific T cell responses are lower in children and increase with age and time after infection 7/29/21

The imbalance of peptide specificities for nonstructural proteins for children’s CD4+ T cell compartment may indicate either different virus replication and pathogenesis at the cellular level or incomplete recruitment of de novo CD4+ T cell responses.

Remember when I said that nearly 125,000 indexed published works link peptide synthesis at the origin of life to visualizing a protonated RNA state that modulates microRNA-21 maturation to biophysically constrained viral latency and healthy longevity across kingdoms from microbes to mammals?
That fact has not changed since the beginning of time and the fact that Olfaction Warps Visual Time Perception via our perception of energy and mass across the space-time continuum suggests that all theorists may have joined a troupe of killer clowns.
Step back:
All reviews of biophysically constrained viral latency since 1679 have linked what organisms eat to their physiology of reproduction. Since 1910, fixation of RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions have been linked to  cell type differentiation and sympatric speciation via the physiology of reproduction and chromosomal rearrangements in flies.
Theories do not suggest that “We are what we eat.” But everything known to intelligent serious scientists proves it.
Interplays between human microbiota and microRNAs in COVID-19 pathogenesis: a literature review 6/30/21

…we suggest the implications of probiotics or miRNA-based therapies for the intervention and treatment of COVID-19.

If a theorist tells you that energy automagically emerged from the cosmic void or that you evolved from pond scum, look at them as if they were holding a weapon of mass destruction in their hand and report them to someone who does not want to suffer unnecessarily and/or die prematurely.

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