microRNA-mediated cures (3)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: December 6, 2021

See first:  microRNA-mediated cures (2)

For comparison to Genetic variations creating microRNA target sites…, and Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution, Masatoshi Nei claimed that nucleotide substitutions, insertion/deletion, segmental gene duplication, genomic duplication, changes in gene regulatory systems, transposition of genes, horizontal gene transfer et al., were mutations.

Simply put, simple-minded theorists start with the idea that everything the happens to our supercoiled DNA is a mutation and they link mutations to evolution across billions to millions of years after energy-emerged from the cosmic void.
MicroRNA-mediated cures start with Energy-dependent epigenetic translation to mRNA stability via claims made here at RNA-mediated.com, but also at microRNA.pro and autophagy.pro.  That is a logical approach because microRNA-mediated autophagy is linked to energy-dependent constraints on virus-driven pathology via RNA interference (RNAi).
RNAi links God’s Creation of energy-as-information to food energy-dependent pheromone-regulated genetic processes of reproduction and to fixation of amino acid substitutions in organized genomes that protect individuals and species from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA and all virus-driven diseases.
Joe Biden’s science advisor, Eric Lander helped to establish that fact in 2012.

For additional historical perspective on RNA interference (RNAi), see the 6 part series from May 12, 2017 to May 22, 2017

Five energy-dependent amino acid substitutions are linked to differences in RNA content and biodiversity in 4 mammalian species.

Species- and tissue-specific variation in mt-tRNA incorporation into the mt-LSU was analyzed….  Analysis of porcine dermal fibroblasts (C), human osteosarcoma 143B cells (D), bovine cardiac tissue (E), and rat hepatic tissue (F) depicts the relative abundance of each mt-tRNA across fractions (ImageQuant software); represented as a percentage of the total signal.

Don’t have a heart attack
Updated information about the relative abundance of each mitochondrially encoded tRNA (mt-tRNA), which is required for the link to energy-dependent RNA interference across kingdoms is included in: Construction of miRNA-mRNA network reveals crucial miRNAs and genes in acute myocardial infarction 10/10/21
Researchers from China linked food energy-dependent pheromone-regulated genetic processes from five miRNAs and three genes to construction of a miRNA-mRNA network, prevention of acute myocardial infarction, and virus-driven disease-linked ethnic diversity via effects of food and species-specific pheromones on the physiology of reproduction.
See also: MicroRNA-Based Diagnostics in Heart Diseases: Current Limitations and Future Perspectives 11/22/21

…recent studies have taught us that innovative study design can help overcome the limitations of miR diagnostics. This gives us hope that in the future we will be able to tap the full potential of miRs as biomarkers for cardiovascular disease.

What happened to the future perspectives?
On 12/2/21 my top follower on Twitter changed from Alexandra Henrion-Caude who had more than 66,000 followers to Igor Os who has less than 10,000 followers. I checked to ensure that Alexandra Henrion-Caude is still following me before finding: Multiomics and digital monitoring during lifestyle changes reveal independent dimensions of human biology and health 12/1/21.
It recapitulates the claims made by Alexandra Henrion-Caude and others who have co-authored with her since 1999: See for instance: Genetic Variations Creating MicroRNA Target Sites in the FXN 3′-UTR Affect Frataxin Expression in Friedreich Ataxia 1/30/13

We calculated allelic frequencies of those polymorphic 3′-UTR variations in our cohorts of FRDA patients and controls (Table 1). Complete association was found between rs60033969 and rs10890, and between rs4744807 and rs4744808, respectively.

On 12/6/21 Brian Hjelle, virologist, who has nearly 20,000 followers began to follow me — long after I established the links from single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in microRNAs to naturally occurring viral endemicity or from nutrient stress and social stress-linked changes to all virus-driven pathology.
However, these energy-dependent pheromone-regulated SNPs in microRNAs  and Masatoshi Nei’s “mutations” were not linked to Brian Hjelle’s ridiculous perspective on human biology and vaccines for health via the report of a study on 12/2/21 as Study shows how digital and molecular data can be integrated and used to improve health

…results demonstrated new and previously unknown correlations between health risks and molecular factors associated with overweight, diabetes, liver function, immunity and hormones.

Unknown correlations can be compared to what is known about SNPs in microRNAs. But intelligent serious scientists do not confuse energy-dependent top-down causation and changes in SNPs in microRNAs with correlations. For instance, correlations have not been linked from mutations to healthy longevity because all intelligent serious scientists know that top-down causation starts with God’s Creation of sunlight and  humidity.
See: The Dynamical Emergence of Biology From Physics: Branching Causation via Biomolecules 1/25/19, which is one of the articles from the Frontiers in Physiology “Research Topic” Multilevel Organization and Functional Integration in Organisms
For a historical perspective on energy-dependent physiology compared to gene-centric theories, see: Dependence of RNA synthesis in isolated thymus nuclei on glycolysis, oxidative carbohydrate catabolism and a type of “oxidative phosphorylation” 

The synthesis of RNA in isolated thymus nuclei is ATP dependent.

Intelligent serious scientists know that no aspect of biophysically constrained life on Earth exists outside the context of energy-dependent microRNA-mediated physiology (the ATP-dependent creation of RNA) and viral latency.
See: Molecular architecture of the human tRNA ligase complex 12/2/21

The human tRNA-LC or its individual subunits have been implicated in additional cellular processes including microRNA maturation, viral replication, DNA double-strand break repair and mRNA transport.

If you think that anything except God’s Creation of energy-as-information can be linked to microRNA maturation, prevention of viral replication by DNA double-strand break repair, mRNA transport, and RNA interference ask an intelligent person to check your facts.
See for instance: Structural mechanisms for gating and ion selectivity of the human polyamine transporter ATP13A2 10/28/21

ATP13A2 encodes a neuroprotective P5B P-type ATPase highly enriched in the brain that mediates selective import of spermine ions from lysosomes into the cytosol via an unknown mechanism.

Fact: All unknown mechanisms are energy-dependent and microRNA-mediated.
See also: Genetic and functional evidence links a missense variant in B4GALT1 to lower LDL and fibrinogen 12/2/21

…targeted modulation of protein galactosylation may represent a therapeutic approach to decreasing cardiovascular disease.

Fact: The food energy-dependent pheromone-regulated genetic processes of reproduction and healthy longevity in the Amish were reported on FB as: New genetic variant in Old Order Amish provides increased cardio-protection

Whole-exome sequencing and association analysis in nearly 7,000 Old Order Amish reveals a genetic variant that may confer protective effects against cardiovascular disease (CVD), researchers report. The findings could be used to inform novel therapeutic approaches to decreasing or preventing CVD.


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