microRNA-mediated cures (6)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: December 16, 2021

Aaron Siri tweeted this on 12/9/21

“Call to action for all MDs, DOs, and PhDs: If you want the FDA to release the documents submitted by Pfizer to license its Covid V as soon as possible, please join PHMPT right now at Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency”

Four days after the Pfizer vaccine was approved for ages 16+, we submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request to the FDA for all of the data within Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine biological product file. We have now sued the FDA for not releasing the data.

I’m mentioning this on RNA-mediated.com since Pfizer may not have included any information on how synthetic mRNA alters the microRNA/mRNA balance that biophysically constrains viral latency across kingdoms as reported by President Joe Biden’s scientific advisor Eric Lander in (2012)

See scientific support for the ban on synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines for ages 16+:

A structural explanation for the low effectiveness of the seasonal influenza H3N2 vaccine” 10/23/17

See also Sabatini’s and Trump’s link from God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity to the ATP-dependent creation of RNA and across kingdoms via George M. Church’s patent for RNA interference ():

Fumarate is a terminal electron acceptor in the mammalian electron transport chain 12/2/21

…we delineate a circuit of electron flow in the mammalian ETC that maintains mitochondrial functions under oxygen limitation.

Learn what that means to survival of the species via game play of the STEM toy: Genotype for ages 14+ All the links from God’s Creation of subatomic particles to species survival can be viewed in the context of the physiology of reproduction in soil bacteria and food energy-dependent pheromone-regulated genetic processes that link RNA interference to biophysically constrained viral latency across kingdoms.
See also: The microbiota coordinates diurnal rhythms in innate immunity with the circadian clock 7/28/21
It links innate immunity in marine and terrestrial bacteria to fixation of amino acid substitutions that differentiate the cell types of all individuals of all species that have ever existed on  Earth.

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[…] See: microRNA-mediated cures (6) […]

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