Photonics in Forensics (1)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: February 21, 2022

Effective 2/20/22, 135,840 results from a search of PubMed for “microRNAs” includes this article:
MiRLoc: predicting miRNA subcellular localization by incorporating miRNA-mRNA interactions and mRNA subcellular localization

…results show that miRNA functional similarity data can be effectively used to predict miRNA subcellular localization…

Intelligent serious scientists know the claim about microRNA-mediated subcellular localization and functional similarity eliminates all the claims made by gene-centric theorists, since the time they started inventing their stupid theories. But wait, there’s more!
For a historical perspective see my 10-part series on: microRNA-mediated biodiversity. For updated information on microRNA-mediated biodiversity, see the February 2022 issue of Photonics Spectra:
Light-activated microRNA-mediated protein folding chemistry was also linked to biophysically constrained viral endemicity across kingdoms in:
See: Photonics Offers Clues to the Future of Forensics

Igor Lednev, a chemistry professor at the University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY), demonstrated that Raman spectroscopy can also identify body fluids, allowing investigators to classify an unknown bloodstain as being from either a person or an animal. Body fluids have complex compositions that make analyzing them more challenging, Lednev said. Advanced computing can help to overcome these challenges, however.

How Single-Photon Detection Powers Countless Applications

Dynamic light scattering is used to characterize particles or molecules measuring from under 1 nm to over 10 µm, which allows measurement of proteins, nanoparticles, polymers, and emulsions and enables technologies such as drug discovery, paint production, 3D printing, and many others.

and in: Quantum Cascade Lasers Shift from an Emerging to an Enabling Technology

One of their early successes occurred during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where a QCL open-path analytical system called the Quantum Cascade Laser Open-Path System (QCLOPS) measured ozone, ammonia, and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This early system showed that QCL-based systems could provide highly sensitive chemical information outside of a lab environment.

Inside the lab, and inside every cell, intelligent serious scientists have linked Visualizing a protonated RNA state that modulates microRNA-21 maturation from the fact that MicroRNAs organize intrinsic variation into stem cell states 3/5/20 to the end of all virus-driven pathology via MicroRNA Involvement in Signaling Pathways During Viral Infection 3/10/20
See for comparison:  Protein complexes assemble as they are being made 8/29/18
That means the assembly of proteins, which requires biophysically constrained fixation of amino acid substitutions, is energy-dependent and microRNA-mediated. Energy-dependent microRNA-mediated protein folding chemistry is the basis for my model.  That means synthetic mRNA vaccines are the biggest threat to humanity that was ever created by biologically uninformed science idiots, or people who are most interested in population control as reported in: MEDICAL SHOCKER: Scientists at Sloan Kettering discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer. 3/3/21
Dr. Eddy Bettermann overstates his case in an attempt to market nutritional supplements. For details on my model, see: Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model 6/14/13 and Nutrient-dependent Pheromone-Controlled Ecological Adaptations: From Angstroms to Ecosystems 4/18/18
I’m not selling anything. I’m giving away the facts for free.

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