Photonics in Forensics (7)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: March 10, 2022

Living with the Neanderthals 8/14/03

…Bear pleads for biologists to write clearly: “Don’t they realize how important it is to get the word out to everybody?”

Social media censorship prevents people from learning the facts. All intelligent serious scientists and many intelligent people know that sunlight is beneficial in the context of biophotonics and forensics
In the context of coronavirus pathology, this was stated clearly as US government experiments with simulations to show the coronavirus can ‘quickly’ be destroyed by SUNLIGHT… 4/17/20

Public experts and the study conducted in China suggests the viruses will not thrive in warmer temperatures, heat and humidity….

Former President Trump reiterated that fact on 4/23/20  Trump touts study on sunlight to kill coronavirus…
Screenshot from the 4/23/20 article. Jonathan Reiner stated “…there’s no medical basis for Trump’s statements about sunlight.

Reiner’s statement was subsequently removed. See also this example of Facebook censorship:

Personal communication via Facebook 3/16/20

“Atheism and corporate profits have now been linked to the cause of all virus-driven diseases. Our grandfather Grayson predicted this, and nearly everyone who tried to stop it has been silenced — or will be silenced via social media bias — unless someone stops FB from silencing me. My FB group is gone because “MicroRNA Involvement in Signaling Pathways During Viral Infection” was published on 3/10/20″ Your comment couldn’t be shared, because this link goes against our Community Standards

Facebook’s “Community Standards” support stupid theories about natural selection for mutations and neo-Darwinian evolution. Darwin started with “conditions of life” without knowing that God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity would be linked to alternative medicine.
Fast forward to: Photostimulation provides an alternative to medication Nov/Dec 2021

Stimulation in the NIR wavelengths is a focal point of the development of light-based therapeutics because of the absorption of these wavelengths by proteins that contain heme groups, such as hemoglobin and cytochrome c oxidase (CCO). Specifically, photons of appropriate wavelengths can affect CCO activity in the mitochondria. In this process, CCO accepts a photon and dissociates nitric oxide (NO). Flux through the electron transport chain is enhanced as a result, causing an increased production of powerful signaling molecules, including adenosine triphosphate (ATP), reactive oxygen species (ROS), and NO-mediated anti-inflammatory events that can accelerate healing.

Light-based therapeutics link epigenetic effects from microRNA-mediated protein folding chemistry to fixation of amino acid substitutions that differentiate all cell types in the organized genomes of all individuals of all living genera.
See: Amino acid sensor conserved from bacteria to humans 3/1/22

Amino acids are the building blocks of life, and they are also recognized as signals by various receptors in bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes.

The conserved amino acid sensor links food energy-dependent epigenetic changes in organized genomes from pheromone-regulated genetic processes in microbes to humans via the physiology of reproduction and Biblical Genesis.
See also: The intricate balance between microRNA-induced mRNA decay and translational repression 3/5/22

…we review the recent findings that illustrate the cellular machinery that contributes to miRNA-induced silencing, with a focus on the factors that could influence translational repression vs. decay.

miRNA-induced silencing is the link from nutrient-dependent pheromone-regulated genetic processes to fixation of RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions that differentiate all individuals of all species on Earth via the physiology of reproduction.
See for contrast:  A universal trend of amino acid gain and loss in protein evolution 2/10/05

Amino acid composition of proteins varies substantially between taxa and, thus, can evolve.

Sex researchers are concerned that light-activated carbon fixation and microRNA-mediated protein folding chemistry have been linked from sex differences and ethnicity to all biodiversity on Earth via The intricate balance between microRNA-induced mRNA decay and translational repression.  They thought they could continue to make stupid claims about the evolution of mate choices without  linking microRNA-mediated cell type differentiation from quantum coherence to coherently organized biology via MicroRNAs organize intrinsic variation into stem cell states.

“…naturally arising cell-to-cell variation, sometimes described as stochastic fluctuation, is in fact coherently organized biology.”

For the current threat to the pseudoscientific nonsense touted by sex researchers, see the current issue of Law and Contemporary Problems Sex in Law, which was reported, in part, as The Essay That Prompted an Editorial Revolt based on THE IMPORTANCE OF REFERRING TO HUMAN SEX IN LANGUAGE

Though it is normally polite and desirable to observe the preferred descriptors and pronouns of trans people in interpersonal contexts, there are times when literal and accurate reference to actual sex is important.

Darwin’s “conditions of life” and Kohl’s “Laws of Biology” do not favor the bastardization of microRNA-mediated top-down causation for ongoing use by stupid conspiracy theorists or other theorists who promote the LGBTQi and pedophile agenda. I choose to not be polite.

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