MicroRNA-mediated existential threats (3)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: April 23, 2022

Footprints of Multiple Interspecies Re-assortment Events” (4/16/18) link the failed efficacy of COVID19 vaccines,  to the microRNA-mediated future of humanity via patents held for therapeutic solutions by Thomas E. Eichim et al., in the context of former President Trump’s claim on 4/23/20 about light-activated protein folding chemistry and Characteristics of the MicroRNA Expression Profile of Exosomes Released by Vero Cells Infected with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus  (indexed on 4/23/22)

Exosomes… contain regulated microRNA (miRNA), allowing them to function in intercellular communication.

The results of miRNA sequencing showed that, compared with the control group, a total of 115 miRNAs are abnormally expressed in the exosomes of infected cells.

…the differentially expressed miRNAs are associated with PEDV infection through interaction with the cAMP, Hippo, TGF-beta, HIF-1, FoxO, MAPK, and Ras signaling pathways. Thus, our findings provide important information about the effects of PEDV infection on exosomal miRNA expression…

All vaccines predictably fail in the context of the monovalent rotavirus vaccine used in Malawi and Footprints of Multiple Interspecies Re-assortment Events in South Korea 4/16/18 The post vaccination era in South Korea has been linked to the microRNA-mediated future of humanity via the failure of pseudoscientists to include light-activated carbon fixation and microRNA-mediated protein folding chemistry in their models of God’s energy-dependent Creation of equal light and equal dark on Day 4 of Biblical Genesis.
Please compare God’s claims to this claim from stupid theorists, see:  A universal trend of amino acid gain and loss in protein evolution

Amino acid composition of proteins varies substantially between taxa and, thus, can evolve.

Who else on Earth was too stupid to see this coming?
Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes, and MicroRNAs 4/15/22

We also identify potential profound disturbances in regulatory control of protein synthesis and cancer surveillance. These disturbances potentially have a causal link to neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, immune thrombocytopenia, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis.

Who still believes that former President Trump does not understand “Science” in the context of the Holy Bible, which starts with God’s Creation of energy as information and biophysically constrained viruses?
For a historical perspective, see: Kim Reynolds mentions impact of ‘warm weather and sun’ on coronavirus, referring to new federal study touted by Donald Trump 4/24/20

Trump on Thursday drew criticism when he suggested sunlight may be a way to treat the virus.

Jonathan Reiner, professor of medicine at George Washington University Hospital, said there’s no medical basis for Trump’s statements about sunlight.

Dr. Jesse Goodman, the former chief scientist of the FDA and now a Georgetown University professor and attending physician, told USA TODAY the amount of heat and light needed to kill the virus would be harmful to cells within the body and was “not something we now have evidence to support.”

The evidence has been there since the origin of life. It can now be viewed in the context of Amplification of light within aerosol particles accelerates in-particle photochemistry 4/14/22

…we predict an overall acceleration of photochemical reactions by a factor of two to three for most classes of atmospheric aerosol particles.

That claim was reported on 4/14/22 as: Light amplification accelerates chemical reactions in aerosols

Many organic and inorganic compounds are light-sensitive, and when exposed to light, they can break down into smaller molecules…

“Current computer models of global atmospheric chemistry don’t yet take this light amplification effect into account,” ETH Professor Signorell says.

Claims from The Scent of Eros: mysteries of odor in human sexuality 1995/2002 and our 1996 review of cell type differentiation link more that 200 patents issued to Thomas E. Eichim et al. to biophysically constrained healthy longevity across kingdoms via pheromone-regulated genetic processes of reproduction in species from microbes to humans. Every fact linked to his patented therapeutic solutions requires a link from light-activated carbon fixation in cyanobacteria to biophysically constrained viral latency across kingdoms.
See our section on molecular epigenetics in From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior (1996)
See also the patent for Pheromones and the luteinizing hormone for inducing proliferation of neural stem cells and neurogenesis
See also: microRNA-mediated regulation of microRNA machinery controls cell fate decisions 10/1/21

Our data reveal that the predominant Ago protein in mESCs, Ago2, is developmentally regulated, with gradually increasing levels when mESCs exit pluripotency.

4/22/22 Update on developmentally regulated pluripotency:
Earlier tonight a woman sitting next to me mentioned that natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality might be the “Holy Grail” of molecular biology.
I agreed because it links God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity from quantum coherence to coherently organized biology via physics and chemistry to Trump’s 4/23/20 claim about protection from coronaviruses. Protection is microRNA-mediated via fixation of amino acid substitutions in organized genomes and suicide prevention et al., via more than 200 patents for therapeutic solutions that start with proper nutrition and/or supplements.
We also discussed the feedback loops that link food odors and pheromones to warped visual perception across the time-space continuum, and complaints from other women that I am a bully.
Last week she told me that she learned about the importance of amino acids from reading a book that linked them to the functional structure of peptides in proteins, which do not developmentally regulate themselves. The Creation of proteins is energy-dependent. microRNA-mediated pluripotency is the link to biodiversity across kingdoms via the physiology of reproduction.
People who are willing to discuss what is known to all intelligent serious scientists are a blessing. Those who comment on social media and block intelligent serious scientists link their arrogance and ignorance to suicides and all other virus-driven pathology.

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