MicroRNA-mediated existential threats (9)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: May 7, 2022

See: MicroRNA-mediated existential threats (8)
Confront anyone who tells you that Amino acid composition of proteins varies substantially between taxa and, thus, can evolve.
Living with the Neanderthals  8/14/03

Through one of his characters, Bear pleads for biologists to write clearly: “Don’t they realize how important it is to get the word out to everybody?”

Pit your claims about synthetic mRNA booster vaccines against :facts published as “Visualizing a protonated RNA state that modulates microRNA-21 maturation” See  mRNA vaccines are useless in this regard.
See also: Differential expression and sorting of exosomal microRNAs upon activation of the human monocyte-like cell line U937 4/14/22
Energy-dependent sorting and differential expression of exosomal microRNAs link God’s Creation of stem cells to Thomas E. Ichim’s patented therapeutic solutions.
Human pancreatic islet microRNAs implicated in diabetes and related traits by large-scale genetic analysis 4/21/22
Francis S. Collins is listed as a co-author,and eQTLs have become “… highly heritable miRNAs…associated with miRNA expression (miRNA-eQTLs).” This suggests he will throw evolutionary theory under the bus because all related traits are energy-dependent and microRNA mediated.
Eric Lander may also be ready to tell the truth ~10 years after God’s Creation of sunlight & humidity were linked to healthy longevity across kingdoms in this video representation. It features him in “The discovery and potential of RNA interference
Patented therapeutic solutions may have forced former NIH director, Francis S. Collins to tell the truth about microRNA-mediated protein folding chemistry and stem cell therapy rather than continue to tout neo-Darwinian nonsense. Indeed, Francis S. Collins appears ready to agree with former President Trump’s claim from 4/23/20.
The fact that sunlight and humidity weaken COVID19, opens the flood gates for others to help expose the level of corruption in the “Science” you were told to follow. It was neo-Darwinian theory, which is also known as pseudoscientific nonsense.
Anyone who is not willing to start with God’s Creation of energy and the ATP-dependent creation of pH-dependent RNA interference (#RNAI) may cause the failure of others to recognize patterns and patented therapeutic solutions for all virus-driven diseases.
You know who they are. Help me to stop them from causing suicides, and cancer survivors (like me) will do the rest.
Consider helping @exosome, @CaudeHenrion & me link food energy & pheromone-regulated genetic processes of cell type differentiation to cancer prevention or effective treatment via the fact that
“Phytochemicals can invert the epigenetic aberrations…”
The life you save might be your own. See: “What is life when it is not protected from virus driven entropy”  3/30/16
See also: “Energy as information and constrained endogenous RNA interference” 2/15/17

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