Epistemic corruption (1)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: May 9, 2022

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

That claim was echoed by Elon Musk on 5/3/22. If he stops the social media censorship of facts on Twitter, the epistemic corruption may end.

Epistemic Corruption, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and the Body of Medical Science 3/8/21

It is not just that there is a body of medical science perverted by industry largesse. Instead, much of the corruption of medical science via the pharmaceutical industry happens through grafting activities: Pharmaceutical companies do their own research and smoothly integrate it with medical science, taking advantage of the legitimacy of the latter.

The pharmaceutical companies failed to integrate this:

Estrogen receptor α polymorphism in a species with alternative behavioral phenotypes (1/13/14) linked energy-dependent / pH-dependent protein folding chemistry from sex differences and ethnicity to regeneration of all tissue types via microRNA-mediated fixation of amino acid substitutions and stem cell Creation during the past ~6000 years of viral endemicity.
In the context of everything known to intelligent serious scientists about viral endemicity, morphological and behavioral phenotypes we included a section on the molecular epigenetics of stem cell differentiation in From fertilization to adult sexual behavior (1996).
Theorists did not like the facts. Author’s copy:

Molecular epigenetics. It is now understood that certain genes undergo a process called “genomic or parental imprinting.” Early in embryonic development attached methyl groups become removed from most genes. Several days later, methyl groups are reattached in appropriate sites. Fascinatingly, some such genes reestablish methylation patterns based upon whether the chromosomal segment carrying the gene came from maternal or paternal chromosomes. These sexually dimorphic patterns are labeled genomic or parental imprinting, and these imprintings are inheritable but non-genetic modifications of specific genes (Razin and Shemer, 1995; Reik, 1989; Surani, 1991; Zuccotti and Monk, 1995).

See how the facts about molecular epigenetics and imprintings (transgenerational epigenetic inheritance) are represented in The rise of molecular diagnostics for common maternal and fetal tests 4/20/22

Obstetricians and their clinical laboratory partners are increasingly focused on the identification of viral and bacterial pathogens commonly passed on to the developing fetus during gestation or to the infant during birth.

Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance is energy-dependent and biophysically constrained by pheromone-regulated genetic processes of reproduction in species from bacteria to primates. Thomas E. Ichim’s patented therapeutic solutions for all virus-driven pathology, will drive theorists to change their stupid theories by eliminating their data-driven nonsense.
Indeed, their pseudoscientific nonsense has been replaced with facts about energy-dependent stem cell differentiation linked to 205 patents by 140,575 indexed publications on microRNAs, which prompted this question:

5/8/22 After doing some DD on $TSOI, I find it extraordinary that more people aren’t fired up about the huge potential, the patents and the late stage testing currently being done. What gives?

Replying to @JPB19651 and @exosome

#Epistemic_corruption. George M. Church et al., patented naturally occurring light-activated carbon fixation in cyanobacteria and claimed that the connection to microRNA-mediated protein folding chemistry, viral endemicity, and healthy longevity across kingdoms was non-obvious.

If not for the Democrat’s and atheist’s widespread epistemic corruption, the facts about God’s Creation of all biodiversity ~6000 years ago would have ensured the energy-dependent microRNA-mediated future of humanity.
Instead, facts about the ATP-dependent creation of RNA have been obfuscated since 1964.

See: Dependence of RNA synthesis in isolated thymus nuclei on glycolysis, oxidative carbohydrate catabolism and a type of “oxidative phosphorylation”

The synthesis of RNA in isolated thymus nuclei is ATP dependent.

For comparison to the data-driven world of biologically uninformed theorists and their idiot minions, Thomas E. Ichim et al.’s approach links energy to stem cell creation and healthy longevity. That approach matches the facts presented in:
Analysis of 6,515 exomes reveals the recent origin of most human protein-coding variants 11/28/12

“The findings confirm their earlier work suggesting that the majority of variants, including potentially harmful ones, were picked up during the past 5,000–10,000 years.”

George M. Church and others want you to continue to believe in natural selection for beneficial mutations and neo-Darwinian evolution because that’s how their money is made. The unnecessary suffering and premature deaths attributed to coronavirus and other virus-driven pathology do not matter to them. See:  Most US kids have caught the coronavirus, antibody survey finds 5/5/22

Q: So why is the Biden administration still pushing vaccines?

A: Because Viruses Can Scatter Their Genes Among Cells and Reassemble

The reassembly of viruses and viral fragments helps to ensure the profits from the practice of Western Medicine. If you vaccinate your children with synthetic mRNA for coronavirus, you can help the Biden administration to profit from the side effects and prevention of microRNA-mediated DNA repair.

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