Biophotonically charged life (4)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: July 24, 2022

Cross-Generational Reproductive Fitness Enforced by Microchimeric Maternal Cells 7/23/15 and Pregnancy enables antibody protection against intracellular infection link biophotonically charged life from light-activated carbon fixation in cyanobacteria and fixation of amino acid substitutions in microtubules to biophysically constrained viral latency across kingdoms via this claim about the fine-tuning of energy-dependent ecological adaptations:

Consideration of the maternal–fetal dyad as a joined immunological unit reveals protective roles for antibodies against intracellular infection and fine-tuned adaptations to enhance host defence during pregnancy and early life.

More facts about  the transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of biophotonically charged life are included in this game series.
ION, Covalence, Subatomic, Periodic, Peptide, Virulence, Cytosis, Virus Expansion, Genotype, Ecosystem, and Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game for ages 8-14+
The science behind these games links the God of Abraham’s Creation of sunlight and humidity to the potential of hydrogen (pH), which typically protects organized genomes from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA and mutations.  Light-activated carbon fixation in cyanobacteria and miRNA-mediated fixation of amino acid substitutions in microtubules link miRNA-mediated protein folding chemistry at the origin of life to all biodiversity on Earth.
That fact has been clarified by intelligent serious scientists who have linked biophysically constrained viral latency to the functional structure of supercoiled DNA. See: Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA
Mutations link cohesion-loss to all pathology via what is known about how quantum coherence must be linked to coherently organized biology via food energy and its metabolism to Cuticular Hydrocarbon Pheromones for Social Behavior and Their Coding in the Ant Antenna 8/13/15
Free ions were linked to God’s Creation of all biodiversity on Earth during the past 5-10,000 years via Focus on Structure to Verify Protein Function

 “[A] ….quantum cascade laser and a flow cell with a 22-23 μm nominal path length….” were used to link God’s Creation of energy-as-information to pH-dependent protein folding chemistry and all biodiversity on Earth via protection from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA, which links mutations to all pathology.

For comparison, theoretical physicists miscalculated everything that is required to link free ions to biodiversity. They invented positrons to conceal their failure to start with God’s Creation of anti-entropic virucidal light and link Top-down causation and quantum physics 10/23/18 to Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model 6/14/13

Compare the games recommended by Sabine Hossenfelder
1) Escape Quantum (Random Change)
2) Quantum Playground (Schrodinger Calculation)
3) Particle in a box (kinetic energy)
4) Psi & Deta
5) Hello Quantum (Controlling qubits)
6) Quantum flytrap (Photon detection)
Where are the positrons in these games and what role do they play in the context what  intelligent serious scientists know about the claims from Honeybee Brain Oscillations Are Generated by Microtubules. The Concept of a Brain Central Oscillator 9/29/21
Also sign up to watch Quantum Physics and the End of Reality 7/25/22
Be the polymath, not the theorist.
See also: The Mind of a Bee 7/26/22

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