Separated we survive (1)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: August 7, 2022

Separated we survive 9/29/20

“separated we survive” seems to have supplanted “united we stand” as the motto of American patriotism.

Indeed, public health fascists replaced individual liberty patriots before and after former President Trump linked God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity to healthy longevity across kingdoms from microbes to humans. He linked light-activated carbon fixation in cyanobacteria to the pH-dependent microRNA-mediated physiology of pheromone-regulated genetic processes of reproduction via fixation of amino acid substitutions in microtubules. Which of the medical experts did not like that fact?
Medical experts rip Trump’s suggestion that sunlight, disinfectants may treat coronavirus 4/23/20

…Trump’s suggestion that scientists study whether sunlight or disinfectants could be used to treat coronavirus patients prompted alarm…

Trump linked God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity from plant growth to microRNA/miRNA-mediated protection from viruses on the same day his claims were reported as Optimal Nutritional Status for a Well-Functioning Immune System Is an Important Factor to Protect against Viral Infections 4/23/20
Public health fascists at Twitter restricted my account after I tweeted 4 examples of experimental evidence that link former President Trump’s claim from quantum coherence to coherently organized biology via MicroRNAs organize intrinsic variation into stem cell states 3/5/20

  1. MicroRNA Involvement in Signaling Pathways During Viral Infection 3/10/20
  2. Footprints of a Singular 22-Nucleotide RNA Ring at the Origin of Life 4/25/20
  3. The emerging role of miRNAs in the pathogenesis of COVID-19: Protective effects of nutraceutical polyphenolic compounds against SARS-CoV-2 infection 7/18/22
  4. Human microRNA-4433 (hsa-miR-4443) Targets 18 Genes to be a Risk Factor of Neurodegenerative Diseases 8/5/22

See also the forthcoming information published by Sabine Hossenfelder in Existential Physics.
For example, a book review reported that  “A hypothetical universe that existed for billions of years…might have been replaced with real matter 6000 years ago by a creator…,” which underlies the claim made by former President Trump about God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity. His claim was based on unchanging universal laws that started at the origin of life.
That fact has again become a problem for theoretical physicists. See this attempt to change the Laws of Physics.

Philip C. Ball fails to link the claim that: “A hypothetical universe that existed for billions of years…might have been replaced with real matter 6000 years ago by a creator…” to The role of nutrition on epigenetic modifications and their implications on health (2012)

The hypothesis that epigenetic mechanisms may link such nutritional imbalances with altered disease risk has been gaining acceptance over recent years.

See also:  Nutrient-dependent Pheromone-Controlled Ecological Adaptations: From Angstroms to Ecosystems  4/18/18 and the recapitulation by George FR Ellis of my life’s works Top-down causation and quantum physics 10/23/18
For comparison, see Spatial resolution of an integrated C4+CAM photosynthetic metabolism 8/5/22. It was reported as if plants independently evolved distinct mechanisms to improve photosynthesis, the pH-dependent process by which sunlight is used to synthesize nutrients from carbon dioxide and H2O.

If you want to learn how to protect yourself from all virus-driven diseases, start with protection from adenocarcinoma of the lungs, see: miRNA-338-3p inhibits the migration, invasion and proliferation of human lung adenocarcinoma cells by targeting MAP3K2
To protect against Atherosclerosis, see: Impact of miRNA in Atherosclerosis
To protect yourself and your loved ones from problems with teeth, sweat glands, mammary glands, and hair loss, see: Identification and profiling of microRNAs involved in the regenerative involution of mammary gland
To be ignorant and arrogant enough to call me a narcissistic bully, read nothing, think about nothing –including the growth of plants– and watch everyone around you suffer unnecessarily and die prematurely as you will probably also do.

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