Scientism, Atheism & Theology (6)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: November 5, 2022

miRNAs and China (73,389 results) includes a subset of more than 150, 000 indexed published works that link light-activated miRNA biogenesis to biophysically constrained stem cell creation and cell type differentiation across kingdoms via the pH-dependent growth of flowers. For example see: Whole-transcriptome profiles of Chrysanthemum seticuspe improve genome annotation and shed new light on mRNA–miRNA–lncRNA networks in ray florets and disc florets 11/5/22.

Facts about constraints were placed into the context of the Biology of Life: Biochemistry, Physiology and Philosophy by McEwen et al., (1964). Oxidative phosphorylation, which is the the process by which ATP synthesis is coupled to the movement of electrons through the mitochondrial electron transport chain, was linked to the associated consumption of oxygen.

For example in 1964, McEwen et al., wrote:

The synthesis of RNA in isolated thymus nuclei is ATP dependent.

Clearly, that is not a statement based on any stupid theories about the emergence of energy from the cosmic void and mutation-driven evolution across billions to millions of years. Similarly, all facts that link God’s Creation of energy-as-information to biophysically constrained viral endemicity via the physiology of reproduction link the Creation of nucleic acids, such as RNA and DNA from Darwin’s “conditions of life” to RNA interference (#RNAi), the patented cure for naturally occurring viral endemicity and healthy longevity.

See: RNA-Guided Human Genome Engineering

FIG. 3A-1 and FIG. 3A-2 depict a human codon-optimized version of the Cas9 protein and full sequence of the cas9 gene insert.

Natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality via RNA interference was also accurately represented for a general audience in The discovery and potential of RNA interference (2012)

The facts attest to claims that pit scientism and atheism against theology.

See for comparison, the attempt to retract Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes, and MicroRNAs 4/15/22 Biologically uninformed science idiots published Scientific Integrity Requires Publishing Rebuttals and Retracting Problematic Papers 10/26/22

See also: Scientific integrity at Science Advances: Essential pillar supporting scientific progress 1/1/21

Experimental evidence of biophysically constrained viral endemicity was used to establish scientific integrity until biologically uninformed theorists bastardized the experimental evidence with their stupid theories. Attempts to rebut or to retract a publication that linked injections of synthetic RNA to unrepaired damage to DNA divorce facts about the energy-dependent Creation of nucleic acids from links to healthy longevity across kingdoms via the physiology of reproduction at the origin of life.

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