Patenting the sun (9)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: June 29, 2023

Re: Towards microRNA therapeutics in cancer

Notice of postponement of webinar 6/29/23

“It is with deep regret that we inform you about the unexpected attack we experienced during the seminar livestream, resulting in severe disruptions to the seminar session. We are deeply saddened by this unfortunate incident and express our heartfelt apologies to you.”

Best Regards, Jixiang Zhao, Assistant Editor

Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics

The best explanation for this unfortunate attack may be publication of Fanzor is a eukaryotic programmable RNA-guided endonuclease 6/28/23, which reports that RNA-guided endonucleases are present in all three domains of life. They fail to mention the obvious link from quantum coherence to coherently organized biology via patents for RNA-guided human genome engineering (Harvard) and pheromone-regulated genetic processes of reproduction.

See: Pheromones and the luteinizing hormone for inducing proliferation of neural stem cells and neurogenesis. Pfizer acquired the patent for naturally occurring energy-dependent stem cell creation via purchase of Trillium in 2021.

For more facts about the level of corruption that may continue to prevent you from learning how light-activated miRNA biogenesis has been linked to prevention of all virus-driven pathology in more that 159,600 indexed published works that mention miRNAs, see: Owning the Sun: A People’s History of Monopoly Medicine from Aspirin to COVID-19 Vaccines and Homologues of bacterial TnpB_IS605 are widespread in diverse eukaryotic transposable elements 4/1/13

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