Total recall 6000 years (7)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: October 24, 2023

Carlo M. Croce’s claims in

link next generation sequencing (NGS) myeloid panels to effective treatment of virus-driven cancers and other virus-driven pathology via ongoing refutations of theories touted by Big Bang cosmologists and neo-Darwinian theorists. See: Understanding the role of miRNAs in disease10/24/23

“Micro-RNAs (miRNAs)–small single-stranded, non-coding RNA molecules that regulate gene expression–were first discovered in 1993 in Caenorhabditis elegans…

In 2012, at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in New Orleans, I learned that miRNAs link food energy-dependent pheromone-controlled genetic processes of biophysically constrained RNA interference via System-wide Rewiring Underlies Behavioral Differences in Predatory and Bacterial-Feeding Nematodes 1/17/13

“Pristionchus and other diplogastrid nematodes carry living bacteria in the gut, and they gain energy from organismic interactions during bacterial feeding (Rae et al., 2008). Together, the extended feeding repertoire of P. pacificus has resulted in a gain of structures in the anterior and in a loss in the posterior pharynx.”

This was reported as: The neurobiological consequence of predating or grazing 1/17/13

“The patterns of synaptic connections perfectly mirror the fundamental differences in the feeding behaviours of P. pacificus and C. elegans”, Ralf Sommer concludes.

” Differences in physiological properties of neurons or in their modulation by neurotransmitters can be sufficient to effect behavioural changes.”

See for comparison, our award-winning review: Human pheromones: integrating neuroendocrinology and ethology 10/22/01

Facts about the nutrient-dependent pheromone-constrained genetic processes of the physiology of reproduction in animals led George FR Ellis to reassert the claim that theorists should start with claims based on what is known about model organisms.

He placed the facts about the model organism, C. elegans into the context of; How purposeless physics underlies purposeful life10/4/23

“Perhaps the roundworm (Caenorhabditis elegans) could be used to explore this more…”

Ellis is the 2004 Templeton Prize winner for linking science and religion. See for comparison: Ignorance by Choice: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Underlying Motives of Willful Ignorance and Its Consequences

“…40% of participants avoid easily obtainable information about the consequences of their actions on others, leading to a 15.6-percentage-point decrease in altruistic behavior compared to when information is provided.

Ignoring the facts about energy-dependent miRNA-mediated prevention of virus-driven pathology led to this example of the consequences: Separated we survive. 9/29/20 From within the ranks of the American Legion, a non-profit/apolitical organization, public health fascists attacked the individual liberty patriots whose motto was “For God and Country.”

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