Biorealism (10)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: December 4, 2023

REMINDER: Yesterday, I wrote: “Watch that happen to the moronic theories via a daily PubMed search for miRNAs. For example: New discoveries on how DICER efficiently processes pre-miRNA” 11/29/23

Next generation sequencing (NGS) shows that everything wrong with moronic theories is regurgitated in “Enzymic recognition of amino acids drove the evolution of primordial genetic codes” 12/4/23 for comparison to DNA methylation rates scale with maximum lifespan across mammals 12/4/23

See also: MicroRNA-19 is regulated by aldosterone in a sex-specific manner to alter kidney sodium transport 12/4/23

“…phylogenetic sequence analysis indicated that this cluster arose at the same time that other Na+-sparing and salt regulatory proteins, specifically SGK1 first emerged, indicating a conserved role for these miRs in kidney function of salt and water homeostasis.”

AND DNA methylation rates scale with maximum lifespan across mammals 12/4/23

“…methylation rates are, or are linked to, an evolutionary constraint on maximum lifespan acting across diverse mammalian lineages.”

Methylation links energy-dependent miRNA-mediated RNA interference from gene expression to all biophysically constrained biodiverity on Earth unless the species is injected with synthetic mRNA, which causes constraint-breaking mutations by altering the miRNA-mRNA balance.

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