Minimal level of conflict (3)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: December 12, 2023

See: Minimal level of conflict (2)

12/12/23 update: Every intelligent serious scientist has consistently predicted what Michael A. Markosian, and others who failed to link Top-down causation and quantum physics will be forced to do: Update their moronic theories to include facts from model organisms

Start with his claims from 12/5/23emphasis mine”

“Private life is associated with metabolism. It doesn’t matter if the metabolism was artificially created. It is just as discombobulating that we can think symbolically and no other animals scan. If we discover that aliens have genetically programmed us. You cannot determine agency by pure observation. You have to perturb it in an experiment. Same end by different means. Life is where those competencies add up, and the goals become progressively larger. The way to progress is to collaborate with nature will, not impose our will onto nature. Nature uses bio electricity to merge individual cells with larger holes goals. Albert Mason hypnotic pain relief. He would solve the skin problem, but the problem would manifest again in other areas, such as psychological or relationship problems. What makes something conscious is not the material and not whether or not it was naturally evolved. Rather the process of auto Pesis – – a system that puts itself together. Also a system that has to fight for survival in terms of energy limitation. The magic is in the self construction process, not in the material. There is one species on the planet that is not controlled by instinct and can’t think symbolically. Could this mutation have been imposed on humanity by aliens? Book by Ian Tatersall called masters of the planet. The mutation was probably around for a 100,000 years but it did not manifest itself until about 30,000 years ago. It happened without providing any fitness advantage. What are the ethical implications if you believe that awareness and cognition is far more basic than we thought? In the next few decades, we will be faced with agents who are nowhere on the tree of life and completely novel to us. We are going to have to relate to things that have body and minds that are not like ours at all. We will have to get rid of the idea that things that are like us are the only things that deserve moral consideration. The field of diverse intelligence. In terms of the bioelectric field, we may be contributing to the awareness of some higher agents that we aren’t aware of, just as the cells in our body may not be aware that they are also contributing to a higher agent. I suspect there are Gödel limitations in terms of our ability to know if we are part of a higher agent. Gap junctions, allow communications from one cell into the internal milieu view of another cell so that neither can tell the difference between the two. There is no guarantees that a large scale system will be any smarter than the individuals. We need to know what are the competencies and goals of the collective systems. Develop policies for enhancing the collective while preserving the individual. We have uncoupled reproductive success from physical factors. Now evolution is technological or biological modification. 1:28 Flatworms are very regenerative. They were placed into barium so that potassium could not pass into cells. Heads explode then new heads adapt to barium. What new genes are expressed? Only a dozen or so are different out of 20,000. The reason strong lamarckism doesn’t work is because there is no single gene for a longer neck. Standard mutation and selection. Cells do have a way to regulate genes up or down to deal with a new stressor. The hard part is not changing the genome (we have CRISPR to do that) but the hard part is knowing what to change. Evolution uses a medium that can solve problems. Mutations might not be random. Generalizes a new problem to a category of problem that it does know what to deal with. Lose barium resistant in 30 days. Have not done the DNA sequencing.

I asked:

Mind if I ridicule this in the context of established experimental evidence of biophysically constrained viral latency in the model organism C. elegans & all other nutrient-dependent physiology of pheromone-regulated stem cell Creation & cell-type differentiation across kingdoms?

David E Arredondo As long as you also include fungi and slime molds please proceed.

We started with chemical communication and sexual differentiation of yeasts in (1996). Are you claiming we missed something important, or that you, and all other theorists did?

David E Arredondo No. I’m trying to learn something new.

If so, learn to ask intelligent questions about biophysically constrained stem cell Creation and cell type differentiation. Stop trying to distract from what intelligent serious scientists have learned about miRNA-mediated chromosomal rearrangements since 1910.


dr.X is the moronic David E Arredondo with this profile on Twitter: MindScience: Mentor, growth of one’s own consciousness, Sufi Psychology, Taoist Living, Buddhist Being, Christian Ethos, Psychoanalysis, Satori, ‘view more’

See: “Can AI become conscious” 10/29/23 “This is the first video in a series discussing Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence (AI).”

See for comparison: What is life when it is not protected from virus driven entropy and Energy as information and constrained endogenous RNA interference Stop the moronic theorists from contributing to the end of the miRNA-mediated future of humanity.

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