Minimal level of conflict (10)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: December 21, 2023

Don’t die with heart disease. “Making Sense of Smell” 10/1/13 & “Rebranding Mitochondria” 12/4/23 link God’s Creation of the electron transport chain at the origin of life from the ATP-dependent Creation of RNA in regulatory T cells to healthy longevity across kingdoms via sunlight, humidity, Trump’s 4/23/20 claim about weakened COVID19 & Ago2 Protects Against Diabetic Cardiomyopathy by Activating Mitochondrial Gene Translation 12/21/23, unless you are a moronic gene-centric theorist.

Intelligent serious scientists start with energy-dependent miRNA-mediated gene expression to link energy as information to RNA interference (RNAi) and protection of hosts from the virus-driven degradation of mRNA, which has been linked to all virus-driven diseases across kingdoms.

See for example: Bacteriophage-encoded 24B_1 molecule resembles herpesviral microRNAs and plays a crucial role in the development of both the virus and its host 12/20/23

The ATP-dependent Creation of RNA in T regulatory cells links fixation of amino acid substitutions to primate diversity via peptide synthesis at the origin of life and biophysical constraints on the replication of bacteriophages. The constraints linked the energy-dependent creation of endogenous retroviruses across kingdoms to human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs).

The importance of HERVs was contextualized in the context of molecular epigenetics in From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior (1996) and in The Darwin Code by Greg Bear long before President Trump claimed that sunlight and humidity weakened coronaviruses, which was initially reported in the mass media with the moronic claim that, on 4/23/20, he said to drink bleach.

That claim links more unnecessary suffering and premature deaths to the claims of biologically uninformed science idiots and other gene-centric theorists to ~6000 years of virus-driven pathology since the origin of life.

Elsewhere, in a discussion attempt that ended with proof of God’s Creation on 12/20/23, I reported that USAF exome research and next generation sequencing (NGS) myeloid panels were linked to the the works of Eshel Ben-Jacob via the “Role of Exosomes in Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition” 12/18/23, which include links from natural information processing in bacteria (2009) to biophysically constrained microRNA (miRNA)-mediated viral latency and healthy longevity across kingdoms via God’s ATP-dependent Creation of nucleic acids at the origin of life.

If you never learned how nucleic acids were Created, see “Stability of the hybrid epithelial/mesenchymal phenotype” (2016)

Epithelial–mesenchymal transition (EMT) (2013) is a fundamental process driving cancer metastasis, transforming non-motile cells into a motile population that migrates to distant organs and forms secondary tumors.

“In recent years, cancer research has revealed a strong connection between exosomes and the EMT.”

Donald Cartin Sr.

Start with what’s known about God’s Creation of sunlight and the energy-dependent electron transport chain. (For God and Country)
Virus-driven instability, the role of exosomes, next generation sequencing, and the VA’s Million Veteran Program link all virus-driven diseases to age-related frailty. See: “The epigenetics of frailty” 12/19/23

Learn to ask intelligent questions to prevent unnecessary suffering and premature deaths of our veterans and/or everyone that you love. See also: “V.A. Recruits Millionth Veteran for Its Genetic Research Database” 11/15/23 for comparison to the pseudoscientific nonsense and pro-vaccine propaganda touted in The American Legion’s “Separated We Survive” 9/29/20.

It pitted individual liberty patriots against public health fascists in an example of how to promote injections with synthetic mRNA vaccines.
On 4/23/20, Trump used the simple claim that sunlight and humidity weakened coronaviruses, which was placed into the context of “Cellulose” for ages 14+.

See also: miRNA-137-5p improves spatial memory and cognition in Alzheimer’s mice by targeting ubiquitin-specific peptidase 30 12/18/23 Never forget. God’s Creation of ATP-dependent miRNA-mediated oxidative phosphoryation linked peptide synthesis at the origin of life to prevention of virus-driven neurodegenerative diseases via McEwen et al. (1964), Dobzhansky (1964), and in Footprints of a Singular 22-Nucleotide RNA Ring at the Origin of Life 4/25/20.

Donald Cartin Sr.
Perhaps you misunderstood, the use of the word “huh” (demonstrating ‘scorn’ or ‘anger’) is quite different than the context of ‘huh???” (meaning a lack of understanding). In this case, all those $100 words in the headline of your post. It was never my intention to “attack” anyone, just a way of stating that when you want to get a message across to someone always choose a language that fits your audience. (After all, this is Facebook, a prime platform for ‘human idiocy’.) And, please, don’t demean your intelligence by attacking my religion. Have a Glorious and Blessed day.

For God’s sake, and the sake of our country, I am, like Trump, Pence, and Ben Carson, a young earth Creationist because the facts from Biblical Genesis are supported by the scientific evidence that I have helped to detail during the past 30 years. Scent of Eros: Mysteries of Odor in Human Sexuality was co-authored by a well-respected college biology teacher who reduced the complexity of systems biology for understanding by those willing to learn. See what others have done:

Analysis of 6,515 exomes reveals the recent origin of most human protein-coding variants 11/28/12

“The findings confirm their earlier work suggesting that the majority of variants, including potentially harmful ones, were picked up during the past 5,000–10,000 years.”

How did I attack your religion?

Donald Cartin Sr.
I congratulate and salute you on being a God-fearing Republican, there are so few of us left these days. I, also, would like to thank you on your life-long journey to prove the Bible to be true; that’s an awesome and arduous endeavor of itself! Stay the course! This discussion is ended. Have a Blessed day!!

James Kohl
Thanks. Learning how many members of the American Legion failed to link God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity in Biblical Genesis to Trump’s 4/23/20 claim about protection from #COVID19, Alzheimer’s, and cancer, etc., surprised me — even before an attempt to ban me from participation at post 82 led to claims that I should keep my opinions to myself, and a claim that Trump didn’t understand the “Science.”

Unfortunately, a 2001 Physiology and Medicine Nobel Laureate, Paul Nurse continues to tout the pseudoscientific nonsense that makes others question the scientific Truth. Non-scientists may need to pray for discernment on what to believe. Nurse, and others like him, want you to believe in his circular argument that links the automagical emergence of energy from the cosmic void to his moronic theory that humans evolved from yeasts. See: The 5 core principles of life

It is no wonder that people do not understand my Bible-based claims, but I wonder why they do not silence themselves rather than criticize what they don’t understand. What they don’t understand causes unnecessary suffering and premature deaths,

Yesterday, drug development was put into the context of artificial intelligence (AI), This GPT-powered robot chemist designs reactions and makes drugs — on its own 12/20/23

Today, RNA-seq-based miRNA signature as an independent predictor of relapse in pediatric B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (12/21/23) linked everything known to intelligent serious scientists predicts patient outcomes via prevention of virus-driven changes to the miRNA-mRNA balance.

Save the children and others who are not being saved by cancer research and drug design, which must obviously be linked from energy-dependent changes in base pairs to supercoiled DNA.

My next blog post, if I choose to continue, will ridicule all the gene-centric theorists who failed to link quantum coherence to miRNA-mediated coherently organized biology across kingdoms. If I decide that my purpose in life is fulfilled, you will be stuck with The Sorcerer’s Apprentices who created the SARSCOV2 spike protein in the lab.. See for comparison The scent of eros: mysteries of odor in human sexuality 1995/2002

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