NGS vs 5th generation warfare (5)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: January 24, 2024

LA Times Fires 115 Journalists as Paper Confronts “Financial Crisis” 1/24/24

“…10 Democratic members of Congress who represent California… wrote [Patrick] Soon-Shiong [who discovered the effective treatment for cancer was linked to God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity via microtubule inhibition], expressing alarm over the planned layoffs, noting that during elections, “the role of news outlets in providing accurate and unbiased information becomes even more vital.”

“The Times is far from the only news organization struggling to keep its head above water amid… technological advances that pose existential threats to the craft of journalism.”

The existential threat of the “craft of journalism,” also known as curated news failed to link God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity to our species survival, and many people have access to the facts in 167,368 indexed publications that mention miRNAs.

As predicted by Konstantin Kisin at the ‘Anatomy of Resistance Campaigns’ (ARC) 2023, “the Legacy Media is Dead.” Facts about God’s ATP-dependent Creation of miRNA-mediated prevention of all virus-driven pathology have been linked to the end of the “craft of journalism” via the failure of journalists to link to protection from viruses via naturally occurring miRNA-mediated RNA interference (RNAi) at the origin of life ~6000 years ago. The experimentally established scientific truths continue to emerge”

1. more than 3 decades after the discovery of miRNAs in C. elegans,

2. more than 2 decades after RNAi was reported to be the 2002 Science Breakthrough of the Year,

3. more than 10 years after RNAi was reported non-technically in NOVA scienceNOW : 8 – RNAi,

4. nearly 4 years after former President Trump, linked sunlight and humidity from RNAi to pH-dependent protection from coronavirus replication,

5. and nearly 3 years after the facts about RNAi were placed into the context of fixation of amino acid substitutions in “Cellulose” for ages 14+ via gene duplication across kingdoms in all species.

RNAi links 20 copies of p53 to prevention of cancer in African elephants. See: Uncoupling elephant TP53 and cancer 6/27/23

The difference between the lack of cancer in African elephants compared to Asian Elephants was published as: Of Elephants and Other Mammals: A Comparative Review of Reproductive Tumors and Potential Impact on Conservation 8/8/22

This article documents that the prevalence of both benign and malignant neoplasia differs between African and Asian elephants, with Asian elephants more frequently diagnosed and negatively affected by both.

Next generation sequencing (NGS) panels link differences between virus-driven mutations and nutrient-dependent pheromone-regulated genetic processes of reproduction that prevent the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA (mRNA). The virus-driven degradation which has been linked to all pathology, was predicted in the context of the lab-based creation of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in Greg Bear’s “Quantico.” (2006)

The truth is not funny, but watch as Jon Stewart Returns to ‘The Daily Show’ for 2024 Election Cycle

“In our age of staggering hypocrisy and performative politics, Jon is the perfect person to puncture the empty rhetoric and provide much-needed clarity with his brilliant wit.”

Anti-Christian hate speech and lying about Trump’s claims on 4/23/20 that linked Optimal Nutritional Status for a Well-Functioning Immune System Is an Important Factor to Protect against Viral Infections 4/23/20 to peptide synthesis via “…a model revisiting the architecture of RNA-peptide interactions at the origin of life…” in Footprints of a Singular 22-Nucleotide RNA Ring at the Origin of Life 4/25/20, The importance of naturally attenuated SARS-CoV-2in the fight against COVID-19 4/28/20, and A two-amino acid change in the hemagglutinin of the 1918 influenza virus abolishes transmission 2/3/07, will no longer be tolerated by intelligent US citizens who never believed in the claims linked to public health fascism in Separated we survive 9/29/20, or the anti-Christian hate-speech touted by people like the moronic Steven Tiger in books such as Doctrine Impossible: A Journey From Dogmatic Religiosity to Rational Spirituality 6/25/20

“Atheists will find it a useful complement to the literature detailing the lack of evidence to support religious claims. Honest God-seekers may find in it a new path, more fulfilling than what churches offer. And fundamentalists will hate it for exposing Christianity’s core doctrines and apologetics as provably false.”

See for comparison: 2016 Chemistry Nobel Laureate Ben Feringa’s claims in “The Future of Chemistry – Schrödinger at 75: The Future of Biology” (11/20/18). “2013 was the year in which prophesy from the bible became reality.”

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