NGS vs 5th generation warfare (6)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: January 26, 2024

Re: θ-Nanopore Ratiometry 1/24/24

They claim their experimental evidence links measurements of cytosolic miRNA-10b to “…the extant armory of nanotools for single-cell studies and beyond.” The article is paywalled, and I won’t look into this further because Ben Feringa linked the extant armory from the light-activated weekend resurrection of the bacterial flagellum in P. fluorescens to the weekend Resurrection of Christ in The Future of Chemistry – Schrödinger at 75: The Future of Biology 11/20/18

“2013 was the year in which prophesy from the bible became reality.”

Similarly, Visualizing a protonated RNA state that modulates microRNA-21 maturation 10/26/20 linked the protonated RNA state to all energy-dependent biodiversity on Earth via the claims of McEwen et al., (1964) and Dobzhansky (1964).

I recognize the pattern, but WHO, NIH, CDC, FTC, FDA and other government agencies may not.

See also: Re: Bmo-miR-3351 modulates glutathione content and inhibits BmNPV proliferation by targeting BmGSTe6 in Bombyx mori 1/22/24

The recognizable pattern links The Glutathione System: A Journey from Cyanobacteria to Higher Eukaryotes 5/31/23 to Greg Bear’s claims in “Darwin’s Radio” and “Darwin’s Children” via this presentation text from 2004.

Greg Bear’s “Quantico” will be linked to the reason Democrats are portrayed as Jackasses and Republicans are the elephants in the room.

You’ve never seen a jackass kick the crap out of an elephant, but in yesterday’s science news you saw how an elephant trampled the democratic party with reports of protein folding chemistry linked from Trump’s 4/23/20 claim about sunlight & humidity to 20 copies of p53 in African elephants via facts not reported by the legacy media (curated news).

The 20 copies of p53 link the nutrient-dependent pheromone-regulated genetic processes of reproduction in the Bombyx mori model organism to cancer prevention in the African elephant model organism via healthy longevity in the C. elegans model organism. The alternative is unnecessary virus-driven suffering and premature death.

This may be why Patrick Soon-Shiong fired 115 journalists who were working at the Los Angeles Times. Some were among those who reported that President Trump said to drink bleach. They are most likely to be supporters of theorists and other pseudoscientists who support the claims of Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who explained “The Cosmic Perspective” 5/11/17 as “A biological cosmic perspective.”

For comparison to Patrick Soon-Shiong’s claims about microtubule inhibitors for treatment of cancer, Tyson’s moronic perspective requires energy to automagically emerges from the cosmic void before it links Vibrations in Microtubules to Trump’s 4/23/20 claim that God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity weaken coronaviruses.

Tyson links the evolution of people from pond scum without mention of fixation of amino acid substitutions in microtubules and peptide synthesis at the origin of life ~6000 years ago, which that Patrick Soon-Shiong linked to effective cancer treatment via 20 copies of p53 in African elephants.

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